83% of shoppers are more loyal to brands that support causes. And we have a cause to get them in your doors.

“One Step at a Time” is a sweepstakes and a consumer
promotion being hosted by LGS Specialty Sales from September 14 to October 23 to raise awareness for our limited time pink packaging in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Together with you, we will be encouraging healthier habits, giving away prizes to support fitness goals, and letting shoppers know about their chance to support the cause. This means that if you choose to partner with us and stock your shelves with Darling Clementines®, we’ll be driving shoppers to your stores through email marketing, social media geo-targeted advertising, and influencer partnerships.

Ready to talk about increasing sales in your stores?
Reply to this email to get pink packaging on your shelves. 

Click below to learn more about what pink packaging means to us and why shoppers will be looking for it in your stores. 

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