Journaling to Better Mental Health: Where to Start

Self-care is of the utmost importance — especially now — and jotting down your thoughts and feelings in a journal has huge mental health benefits. Here, certified therapist Julia Hogan explains where you can start.


Grassroots Art Festival Brings Community Together

Lauren Steinhofer turned to painting as a way to heal from loss. But it turned into a calling for something even greater — an opportunity to provide inspiration to others in her community. From the ground up, she organized and executed a successful grassroots art festival last summer that she plans to hold every year.


5 Ways You Can Practice Nonviolence

Building a more nonviolent world isn’t a task reserved for only saints and activists — it’s work that belongs to each of us. And just because your life may lack visible forms of violence doesn’t mean it is free from structures that sow discord and strife. Here are five ways to cultivate nonviolent habits. 


How to Start (and Sustain) a New Prayer Practice

Perhaps you are used to reciting prayers before eating a meal or asking God for special intentions. But what about starting (and sustaining) a personal prayer practice? This author explains how she challenged herself to do just that.


I Am Not a Failure for Gaining Weight During this Pandemic

Steph works diligently to manage her weight and self-image, but during this pandemic, she found her life falling apart in many ways. She’s learned to appreciate that even though her body is gaining weight and doesn’t look like it once did, it is still strong — and is carrying her through this part of her story. 



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