A 1960s California Kitchen Makeover

Thanks to careful styling and a passion for the mid century aesthetic, this couple helped the home move past this rough design phase and into a dreamy, bright space.


How To Get The Colors Of Palm Springs’ Doors

Bring this iconic desert style to your neighborhood! Inspired by the scene-stealing looks of Palm Springs’ doors, we went in search of ways to replicate the effect.

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Hedge of Your Seat: Modern Hedges & Border Planting Ideas

Never shrug off your shrubbery! Modern hedges and border plants might just be the unsung hero of your garden's designs.


Renovation Advice from HGTV's Property Brothers

They’re pros and they’re bros! In their book, Jonathan and Drew Scott, walk us through how to find a property that suits your needs, and then, how to update it into a modern masterpiece.

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Entertaining Essentials And Decor For The Mid Mod Home

Liven up your space with these Mid Century Modern entertaining essentials—decor, furniture and dining ware.

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