The Perfect Mid Mod Gifts For The Busy Parent

Say goodbye to boring mugs and gift cards--- these unique and practical gifts are sure to wow every parent you know.

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Paul Rand: Graphic Design Worth A Thousand Words

One of the most influential graphic designers of the midcentury, Paul Rand used his talent and unique style to spread Mid Century Modern design to the masses.



Even If You Own No Other Books On Mid Century Modern Design, Own These

We’ve looked all around for the best books on Mid Century Modern design and we’re ready to show you our essential picks.


Kem Weber: West Coast Modernist, Furniture Designer, Innovator

When Kem Weber designed a piece, it would be the most comfortable and ergonomic possible. His work embodied modernism as well as the fashion of the time, and his designs added to the definition of iconic modernist style.


How To Host A Small Gathering: Modernist Entertaining Tips

We’ve gathered entertaining tips and ideas for you to use with your smaller guest list this season—and some essential pieces to go with them, thanks to our friends over at Food52.

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