pnc carousel undergoes safety and cosmetic repairs

The PNC Carousel, located in Schenley Plaza, carries on the historic tradition of carousels in Pittsburgh parks and serves as a gathering place for Pittsburghers and visitors from around the world. 
Reconstructed in 2006, the Victorian-style carousel was built by American craftsmen and generously funded by the PNC Financial Services Group. Today, the PNC Carousel is the feature family attraction in Schenley Plaza. Visitors of all ages and abilities visit the carousel to enjoy its lively colors and old-fashioned pipe organ music.
As the PNC Carousel celebrates its 14th birthday, repairs and upgrades are currently in the works. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy recently invested in a new anti-slip floor on the carousel deck, which will ensure safety in the event of wet weather during the Spring and Summer months. The new deck will include a ramp on to the carousel, making it accessible for people of all abilities.
The Parks Conservancy is honored to repair this treasured community gem, thanks to the continued generosity of our park supporters and friends!

Great Backyard Campout_2020

outdoor fun for the entire family to enjoy

During uncertain times, one thing that remains essential and vital is spending time outdoors. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is inviting you and your loved ones to connect with nature and with one another in our first-ever, Great Backyard Campout celebration!

Gather your camping gear, exploration kits, and your loved ones because we're kicking off a week filled with adventure and excitement on Monday, September 7 through Sunday, September 13.

Click here to learn more about the various activities you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, in your neighborhood, or your favorite park!

Backpack Lending Social v2

backpack lending program officially launches

Enhance your time in the park by reserving one of our themed backpacks! Choose between four different backpacks, each with their own unique materials and resources to help experience the park in a new and exciting way. Keeping safety in mind, our team has worked to create a contactless procedure for backpack borrowing.
Click here to learn more and to reserve your backpack for your next park adventure! 
Funding for the Educational Backpacks at the Frick Environmental Center was provided by the Katherine Bassara Memorial Fund and the Howard and Carol Lang Family Foundation Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

bny mellon supports tree plantings 

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is thrilled to announce that BNY Mellon has generously provided a grant to support tree plantings across Pittsburgh’s park system. The gift made by the BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania reflects the organization’s dedication to Pittsburgh’s parks that will benefit all residents and park users. This is a commitment to a yearlong program of tree plantings that will contribute 150 trees to public parks in various neighborhoods throughout the city.
Did you know that Pittsburgh loses approximately 31,000 trees each year to climate change, development, disease, overpopulation of deer, natural events, and age? Tree loss of this magnitude has dramatically reduced the capacity of the urban forest to clean the air we breathe, limit hillside erosion, help control stormwater, and cool the city during summer’s increasingly frequent heatwaves.
BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s generosity will have a positive impact on our parks and city by allowing the Parks Conservancy to help build a more resilient and sustainable urban ecosystem, and increase park equity by providing residents in neighborhoods across the city with access to well maintained and attractive parks for all to enjoy.


then and now: august wilson park 

The COVID-19 global health emergency, and the importance of parks in helping the community cope and heal during the crisis, has given the Parks Conservancy an opportunity to reflect upon its long-standing partnership with the City of Pittsburgh and the work we have accomplished together to restore Pittsburgh's park system to excellence.

Read below to learn more about August Wilson Park, one of the many restoration projects of the City of Pittsburgh and Parks Conservancy.

Before 2009, the status of August Wilson Park (formerly Cliffside Park) could have been described as lost but not forgotten. After witnessing years of the park’s decline and deterioration, residents rallied to preserve and reimagine this important community asset.

The new August Wilson Park officially opened to the public on August 6, 2016. The park plan, designed by Environmental Planning and Design, relied heavily on community input. The rolling, fully accessible landscape features public art inspired by neighborhood children; an installation of vintage photographs from Pittsburgh native Charles "Teenie" Harris and the Oliver M. Kaufmann Photograph Collection; an expanded view of Pittsburgh's rivers; and quotations from beloved Pittsburgh playwright August Wilson.

August Wilson Park features the most beautiful view of the city’s landscape and is free and open to all.

The Parks Conservancy is honored to work alongside the City of Pittsburgh, Hill District community organizations, and to have friends like you to support our community and park improvement projects year-round!

the one word that saved our summer 


It’s a word that became another member of our family when my kids were ages four, two and brand new — and I wasn’t really capable of going many places on my own while maintaining sanity.

I was home… A LOT.

There were so many days of mundane, that when we DID do something (anything) new – I made sure they got EXCITED.

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My Post-3-1parks on the go 

Parks on the Go is a digital education and nature resource package that connects people of all ages and abilities to nature from anywhere. It provides environmental experiences through virtual tours, health and wellness exercises, education resources for Pre K through 12 educators, exciting activities and resources for families and caregivers, and much more. This package is just one of many digital initiatives launched by the Parks Conservancy during the COVID-19 global pandemic.
Click here to explore Parks on the Go.
Parks on the Go is made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors: Citizens Bank & UPMC Health Plan

upcycled crafts and nature art  

As an Environmental Education Intern with the Parks Conservancy, seasoned babysitter, and former counselor at Heritage Creek Farm Camp, I’ve become quite passionate about affordable and creative craft projects! Using natural objects or recycled materials found around your home are wonderful ways to make unique projects at a minimal cost. The best part? Gathering materials from outdoors! I have had some memorable times going on “nature scavenger hunts” with my campers and searching for smooth stones to paint in local streams.

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covid-19: life reimagined  

What we've learned during this unprecedented time of quarantines, public masking, and months of home schooling is that public parks and green spaces have never been more important for our physical and mental well-being.
We can’t underestimate the power of parks. They’re here for us during times of uncertainty when little else is available. They are sanctuaries in the center of chaos. They serve as a place of peace and comfort for our minds and spirits. They keep us healthy and active with endless trails for hiking and biking and wide green spaces to throw a frisbee, kick a ball, or dance like nobody’s watching.
Click here to explore The Parks Pack, a guide to safely exploring Pittsburgh's parks during the COVID-19 global health emergency or click here to visit our COVID-19 response page. 
How to Safely Enjoy Parks 852020 (1)

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