Ed Elements: October 2015 Newsletter

October 2015 Newsletter

On Our Minds:

We Are Feeling Pretty Proud of Some Amazing Results

Our 2014-2015 results are here, and they are excellent! We are excited to report that across the board, students in personalized learning classrooms outperform national norms and their peers in traditional classrooms in both reading and math.

This past year an analysis of 11,000 students across three of our partner districts encompassing 23 schools showed our students, on average, not only met, but exceeded their NWEA growth targets. Students showed 135% growth in reading exam and 119% growth in math. In personalized learning classrooms, 6 out of 10 students met or exceeded national norms in both reading and math.

Want to learn more? Download the complete Impact Report.

Hartford Has It - And By "It" We Mean Personalized Learning! 

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Hartford Public Schools. Ed Elements will work with the district team to support personalized learning at two high schools: Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School and Bulkeley High School. Both schools have selected pilot teachers that will participate in the design process this fall, with implementation beginning in spring 2016.


Product Spotlight:

In mid-October, Highlight will add a brand new teacher dashboard that helps teachers to see trends in student performance across multiple digital content providers.  It answers the questions teachers always ask when their students learn using digital content, but simply do not have the time to answer:

  • Did students meet their lesson goals for this week? This month? This marking period?
  • Are students using digital content for the amount of time I expect?
  • What activities did students complete?  What were their scores?
  • Which students are far ahead?  Which students are far behind and need more help?

Activity completion and content usage are displayed at the class and student level.  Teachers have the option to view data for multiple providers at the same time or they can focus on just one.

With the new dashboard, teachers can spend more quality time interacting with students instead of poring over charts and graphs. Interested in learning more?  Contact justin@edelements.com to set up a demo or to get your questions answered.

Partner Spotlight:


ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) is a web-based, artificially intelligent learning and assessment program for mathematics, available for grades 3-12. Using adaptive, open-response questioning, ALEKS precisely determines what a student knows and doesn’t know to deliver personalized instruction on the math topics the student is most ready to learn. Each student advances through a course at their own pace and on content appropriate to their level, so they are never frustrated or bored. Additionally, ALEKS periodically reassesses to check for retention; ultimately, ALEKS delivers a cycle of learning and assessment to ensure true content mastery. It’s an approach proven to fill gaps, improve confidence, and create measurable success. ALEKS also empowers educators with rich, real-time data on student progress in the course and toward individual state and Common Core standards. These customizable reports help educators to better guide and differentiate their instruction. Accessible online, 24/7 on computers and tablets, ALEKS can be flexibly implemented for a variety of instructional purposes, including core, supplemental, and remediation.

Education Elements’ and ALEKS have successfully partnered at a number of leading districts across the country to unlock students’ potential through personalized learning.  For example, at Horry County Schools, students in grades 6-8 outperformed NWEA math growth targets by 14% on average.  (download the full Impact report here).

To learn more, please visit: www.aleks.com/k12

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Places to Meet Up

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  • DALI: The District Administration Leadership Institute, Bonita Spring, FL., Oct 7-9. Don’t miss Amy Jenkins and Ben Politzer’s keynote: The Future of Work and School: Preparing Students with Personalized Learning, Friday 10/09  9:15 AM - 9:45 AM
  • LELA Fellowship Showcase and Celebration: Washington, DC Oct 14th.  Education Elements will co-host an awards dinner for the inaugural cohort of LELA fellows. The event is closed to the public but look out for pictures on twitter!
  • Reach Capital Portfolio Day: Skywalker Ranch, CA October 22. CEO Anthony Kim and CTO Arthur Svider will join with other edtech companies including some of our partners Curriculet and leaders from Silicon Valley for a day of collaboration and learning.
  • iNACOL the Blended and Online Learning Symposium, Orlando, FL., Nov 8-11. Join us for our pre-conference session with district leaders from 7 school districts: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Superintendents Share Battle Scars and Victories from Designing and Implementing a Personalized Learning Strategy Across their District, or our session with 3 inspiring districts: 50 Shades of Personalized Learning: There’s More Than One Way to Do It. Get your copy of the Personalized Learning Playbook  signed by its author Anthony Kim at our book signing Tuesday, November 10th, 3:00 PM-4:00 PM. See more information about our sessions and our booth here. Join the conversation on twitter on Personalized Learning : #whyipersonalize, come join us at our booth, #338, and be on the lookout for info about fun activities, prizes, pictures, parties, and more!

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