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Weekly update for Poole faculty and staff from the Office of Business Services
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to fall semester. Please enjoy our photos of our new "co-workers" and work spaces! We know this a very busy time of year, but wanted to remind of you the many resources on our internal website. We have FAQs, process guidelines, and information about special circumstances such as memberships, HR information and more! Do you think there is something missing? Please reach out to pcombusiness@ncsu.edu with any information that would be helpful to have included.

Update on Our Audit

We are in the process of being audited by internal audit. Currently we are providing them with lots of documentation requested such as our processes and procedures, budget information, fund stewardship and more. We know they will continue to evaluate accounts receivable, deposit procedures, premium tuition usage, and an in-depth transactional review.

2019-2020 Annual Performance Appraisals for SHRA and EHRA
Annual Performance Appraisals for SHRA and EHRA employees are due no later than Monday, August 17, 2020, to pcomhrsgroup@ncsu.edu. Please download the fillable document before you start to populate the form.
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Spring Belltower newsletter
Benefits Open Enrollment Dates
Open enrollment for your NCFlex benefits, along with your State Health Plan benefits, will be held October 15 - 31 for the 2021 plan year. Good news for rates! No rates will be increasing for the NCFlex benefits and dental rates will be going down.
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REMINDER: Returning to Work Videos
The campus has done a great job putting together video resources for your return to campus. Check them out here!
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Process for Ordering Something Over $5,000
The State requires certain processes for all purchases over $5,000. Please see the guidelines and procedures put together by your OBS team to help you.
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Business Purpose 101
A business purpose is required for any and all payments using university funding. We rely on you to provide us with the specific details of all purchases and transactions needed to remain compliant and adhere to university guidelines. We've prepared this detailed information to help you
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CAPTRUST Financial Advising Session

Brandon Aber, financial advisor of independent accounting firm, CAPTRUST, will be conducting virtual consultation meetings on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Each appointment is for 45 minutes and the topics cover retirement, general financial planning, investment education and advice. You can schedule an appointment with Brandon with the following link.


8/14: August Monthly Lockout at 5:00 p.m.


8/14: August Bi-weekly Lockout at 5:00 p.m.


8/20: July PCard Statements - PCards will be placed on hold if not fully approved by 5 p.m.


8/24: August PCard Reconciliation - Last day to post charges to the correct project ID and account code


8/28: August Bi-weekly Lockout at 5:00 p.m.


9/11: September Bi-weekly Lockout at 5 p.m.


9/15: September Monthly Lockout at 5 p.m.


9/25: September Bi-weekly Lockout at 5 p.m.



Mandatory Training! Working Safely at NC State During COVID 19 Operations Training: This Environmental Health and Safety awareness level training course is live and available. All current employees are enrolled in the course and are asked to complete the session within 30 days. To access the online content for this class, login at https://go.ncsu.edu/reporter. You will see the class under the ‘Upcoming Courses’ section and can click the 'Access Online Content' button to open the online course.

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