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  • Learn how teachers can support mental health during COVID-19
  • Explore what to do when there's not one right answer when approaching this unprecedented school year
  • Reflect on ways that Black & Brown students are harmed by systemic oppression

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Distance Learning Checklists Cover  


Distance learning and virtual instruction allow for multiple opportunities for educators, students, and parents to engage in the educational experience in new and meaningful ways. That being said, there is a lot to consider when planning for and executing high-impact distance learning that meets the needs of both teachers and students. In this resource, principals and school leaders will find focus area-specific checklists that will walk them through additional key actions that need to take place at each stage of the planning and implementation process. 

From The Leaders' Desk

Here are three perspectives on leadership in K-12 from fellow education leaders. 


How Can Teachers Support Student Mental Health During COVID-19?


This piece, written by a child and adolescent therapist, gives suggestions for how teachers can support student mental health as the new school year begins. Specific considerations related to the pandemic and COVID-19 are highlighted and addressed.

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What To Do When There's Not One Right Answer?

What to do When There's Not One Right Answer?

Two leaders from North Carolina's state agency share how they have navigated the unprecedented terrain of planning school for the 2020-2021 academic year state-wide. 

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"It keeps us all safe" and Other Lies Used to Spirit Murder Black and Brown Children


Building off of the work of Bettina Love and Patricia Williams, one education leader shares how Black and Brown students are impacted by inequities in education. 

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Level Up Your Leadership

As we head into the fall of 2020, we face these three truths:
We’ve all been through something. We’re still in it, and we can’t rely on our familiar rituals to get us through. Rituals help us cope with extreme emotions, and their familiarity make us feel more in control. Join us for a webinar called "Safety, Trust, and Connectedness as Teachers Return to School", where we will explore ways in which you can create a sense of safety, trust, and connectedness in your community as you embark on a school year like no other.



Responsive Team Habits in the Age of COVID-19


Responsive Leadership and Team Habits in the Age of COVID 

June 3rd - 4th 

Learn best practices on navigating through change using agile and responsive virtual practices. Featuring sessions on: virtual meetings, responsive practices in the age of crisis management, best practices for teaming and communication, and long-term responses to the current pandemic.


Designing School for Learning Continuity Conference


Designing School for Learning Continuity Conference 

June 16th -18th

Join this three-day virtual conference where participants will design a new school model that ensures learning continuity. Including expert workshops on school design, equity, personalized learning, competency-based education and mastery grading, staffing, responsive teaming, and strategic planning,