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  • Making New (School) Year Resolutions
  • Unpacking Bias: Redesigning for an Anti-Racist Classroom
  • 2 Exercises to Cope with Uncertainty and Clarify Your Vision for This School Year

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Capture The Opportunity:

Steps To Redesign School-Level Systems For Equity

Whether you plan to start the school year completely remote, in a hybrid model, or otherwise - we all have an opportunity to approach this new chapter in education with a focus on equity. Read Part III of our series on planning your return to school to learn more about how you can address educational inequity on a personal, cultural, and systemic level. 


Transforming Leaders, Schools, and Systems

Here's a learning opportunity with our team of experts, and three perspectives on the latest and greatest in transforming K-12.


Making New (School) Year Resolutions

Making New School Year Resolutions

Navigating the 2020-21 school year will require more flexibility than ever before. Learn how to leverage sprint plans and the SEPAD method to bring a sense of accomplishment to an ambiguous year ahead.

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Redesigning for an Anti-Racist Classroom Series: #1 Unpacking Bias

Antiracist Classroom

Read Part II in the series on how to reflect on your own biases to redesign your teaching practice to center equity and inclusion.

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2 Exercises to Cope with Uncertainty and Clarify Your Vision for This School Year


Two thought exercises for teachers and leaders to reflect and plan for the upcoming school year and all its uncertainties.

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Transform Together

Here are a few upcoming opportunities for you, your teams, and your district.


SEED Fellowship Social SquareApplications Extended! Systems For Education Equity Development Fellowship (SEED)

We are still accepting applications for the SEED Fellowship! Participate in a six-month cohort experience that equips leaders with strategies to redesign inequitable systems in their schools or district. To be considered for our inaugural cohort, apply by September 4th




Social SQUARE Return To School Planning

Distance Learning Requires a Student-Centered Approach

August 4, 2020 @ 11am PT/2pm ET

Join this webinar to learn about a phased approach to implementing distance learning. This webinar will include a high-level overview of priorities and share school leader checklists that align actions with priorities.




Resources For Leaders, Schools, and Systems

Download the latest resources to support your leadership, schools and systems. 


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Boldly Reimagining What Is Possible

Planning Your Return To School 

In this second installment, learn how you can reimagine school with equity, agility, and safety at the core of your return planning approach.




How To Design A Responsive Return Plan Cover

How To Design A Responsive Return Plan

Forging A Path Forward

Learn how to use responsive practices to plan your district's return, with a four-step process for examining multiple return scenarios amid uncertainty and unknowns.


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Watch these short videos to support your leadership, schools and systems. 

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Redesign School-Level Systems for Equity


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Building Your Responsive Return Plans