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Date: 15 September 2015

Issue: 2015-6

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The Systems Perspective: The Systems View and Framing the Problem

Education: Defining Architecture

Using CORE: Conflict Errors and User Permissions in CORE™

SE Principles: 5 Systems Engineering Principles to Managing your Organizational System

Industry Insights: Nature or Nuture? Expanding the Systems Engineering Population


The Systems View and Framing the Problem

Zane Scott, Vitech Vice President of Professional Services

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The first task in any problem-solving effort is that of framing the problem. This is sometimes simplistically labeled “stating” the problem but that invites a limited view of what is involved up front. What is needed at the beginning is anything but limited.  Read More.

Defining Architecture

Ron Kratzke, Vitech Principal Systems Engineer

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In one of my recent training classes I was asked to define what the term “architecture” means in the practice of system engineering.  While I think I solve the immediate concern of the class, I did not give a very precise answer.  This week I did a bit of research from my library to craft a better answer to this question.  The primary resources for my search were: “The Art of Systems Architecting,” 3rd Edition, by Mark W. Maier and Eberhardt Rechtin and, “Systems Engineering Principles and Practice,” 2nd Edition, by Kossiakoff, Sweet, Seymour and Biemer.  Most of us know these textbooks as formative publications referenced by many system engineering practitioners.  Read More.

Conflict Errors and User Permissions in CORE™

Bethany Maddox, Vitech Customer Care Specialist

Conflict error in CORE

Occasionally I get a support case that is something I perceive to be a classic and last week just that happened. A CORE user told me that he imported a data file and it appeared to work, but produced a conflict file. Then he couldn’t see the project. He imported again and again with the same result. Read More.

5 Systems Engineering Principles to Managing your Organizational System

Sara Sumner, Vitech Applications Engineer

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Throughout my professional career, I have worked at three different companies, each specializing in systems engineering. Ironically, I have found that even though systems has been the focus of each company, I didn’t find a true “systems” emphasis until I joined Vitech. As the VP of Professional Services (and my boss), Zane Scott, likes to put it, that requires a “focus on understanding systems and working from the perspective of that understanding.”  A company true to the “systems” in “systems engineering” will manage the organization as a system itself, being deliberate and tactical regarding the management of the organization, and applying systems engineering principles ensuring organizational success. Read More. 

Nature or Nuture? Expanding the Systems Engineering Population

David Long, Vitech and INCOSE President

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Wherever I find myself – regardless of geographic location or application domain – if the community understands the practice and value of systems engineering, leading voices consistently warn of a shortage of systems engineers. Virtually every community complains of a bimodal distribution (a “bathtub curve”) with a heavy concentration of very senior systems engineers at or near retirement. The other concentration is very young systems engineers who have completed the base formal education but lack experience. Inevitably, the conversation turns to expanding the systems engineering population and the question of whether systems engineering is an inherent capability practitioners are born with or a capability which can be taught. Read More. 


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