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Open is now a member of TMG’s Digital Utility Collaborative

Along with an association of utilities and digital solution providers from across the globe, Open will participate in a variety of events, webinars, and forums, surrounding the top digital trends that the utility industry will face in the short to long term.

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Process more than 8 billion meter readings in 5 hours!

Utilities are learning how to handle an abundance of daily metering data and are focusing on performance and scalability as critical necessities. Here is how we empower them to process 8.6 billion meter readings in a 5 hours-window.

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Utilities’ challenges when adopting electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more common worldwide and utilities are ready to involve them in their business models. However, incorporating electric vehicles is not as simple as it seems. Utility companies must identify the main challenges and mitigate the risks of adoption. All of this, while maximizing associated benefits and seizing emerging opportunities before EV adoption truly takes off.

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