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Posted by: Dr. Rachel Banks |

Why do Accidents Happen in Slow Motion?

When patients come to Arrowhead Clinic for Back Pain After a Car Accident, many tell us of the feeling they experienced. It feels like the Car Accident Happened in Slow Motion!

Why is that?

Car Accident Back Pain Doctor, red lights, speed limit

Science points to a term know as slow motion perception to explain the phenomenon, slow motion perception is a subjective perception of time in which things are perceived as passing by slower than the normal perception of time. To the individuals in the auto accident, time seems to slow down when the accidents occurred.

As a result, many individuals in the Car Accident may be able to think faster and act faster during these events. But is this what science holds to be true?

Actually no, but why does it feel that way?

What happens to the victim of the car accident is called increased memory packing. During the crash, adrenaline is released at such a high level that it increases the recall of sights, sounds, smells and touch. Because of this effect, memories are more densely packed during a frightening situation, therefore to the person involved, the event seems to have taken longer but only in retrospect. 

Hopefully, this sheds some light on the effect most of our patients experience when in an accident.

If you were personally involved in an Auto Accident and are experiencing Back Pain, let us help you get the care you deserve by clicking the link below, and the good news is that our treatment won't come in slow motion.


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