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What’s Your Christmas Tree Style?

What’s the right tree style for you? And once you decide, how do you trim and decorate it like an expert? We’ve got all the answers for you.


Christmas Projects with a Personal Touch

From natural wreaths to greeting cards to homemade gifts, holiday decor is best when it fomes from the heart. Now is the best time to start preparing your personalized holiday projects!

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How to Organize your Christmas Shopping List

Use these tips and tricks for organizing your shopping list and staying on budget during the holidays.


Make a Mini Stocking Christmas Advent Garland

If there’s one thing that will make any Christmas craft cuter than cute, it’s making it in miniature! These little stockings have so much potential!


Ethical Gifts for Christmas

Give with a purpose this year and support beautiful causes in the process with this list of gifts that give back.

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