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Pete Hansen
GM, Eftpos NZ

Since our last newsletter COVID-19 has completely changed the economic landscape, both here in New Zealand and globally. This has created immense stress on businesses with many struggling to survive with little or no trade. At Alert Level 4 we saw transactions plummet to 20% of normal levels with 95% of our merchant base not transacting at all. As we moved progressively out of lockdown we saw transaction volume rebound and pleasingly July activity has rebounded very near to pre-COVID levels. Unfortunately, the rebound is patchy and times remain difficult for many businesses, particularly those with a reliance on inbound tourism. At Eftpos NZ we have been doing everything we can to help NZ businesses and we remain committed to working with our customers to support them through these challenging times.

Recently, we’ve partnered with the data scientists at Dot Loves Data to produce the DESi (DOT and EFTPOS Spending Index) which provides insight into how well industries and regions are performing in New Zealand relative to previous years. Using the DESi, the team at DOT have been investigating how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted consumer spending. The latest insights from the team at DOT are on their LinkedIn page here.

Finally – I’m excited to say that in June we piloted the first of our brand new range of payment terminals. The pilot was a great success and we are now commencing the work to deploy these new solutions across our entire customer base. These new Android payment devices are literally the smartphones of the payment terminal world. They offer both merchants and consumers a much more intuitive payment experience and provide a platform for greater innovation – and they look cool too! We’ll be communicating much more about these new solutions in the coming months.

In the meantime I wish you and your business all the best as we navigate this challenging retail landscape.

We welcome your feedback and ideas. If you have a suggestion, question, or an article idea you can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or send us an email to team@eftpos.co.nz.

August 2020, Edition #13 

Practical tips, resources and advice about retailing and payments for small businesses

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