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Addressing Inequity in Education with a Systemic Approach


History tends to repeat itself. Right now, we have a chance to change, and it will begin with your leadership. Through the SEED Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to rethink how we approach educating our next generation, one school system at a time. The SEED (Systems for Education Equity Development) fellowship is a six-month cohort experience that equips leaders with strategies to redesign inequitable systems in their schools or district.


In The Spotlight

Here are some of the stories and learnings coming out of Texas schools and districts right now. 

Districts across the country are navigating national, state and local guidance to develop the best option for their families to return to school this Fall. We wanted to share two stories of districts that we are particularly impressed with the way they engaged stakeholders in the planning process. 

Reopening Listening Session

The team at Klein ISD truly believes in the importance of the Klein Family and knew that their response to COVID-19 would not change how they operate as a team. They formed a Reopening Design Team (RDT) that represented leadership from departments and across all campus levels. The RDT worked to develop plans for maintaining continuity of instruction while also prioritizing the health and safety of students and staff. RDT engaged with a variety of stakeholders to listen to them, understand their excitement and concerns and put together a plan that incorporated the voices of the Klein Family. You can read more about the Roadmap to Reopening Design Team Story

Aldine Return Plan

In Aldine ISD, district leaders defined Core Beliefs at the beginning of their return to school planning that have guided their decisions at every turn. They committed to 1) Prioritizing safety, 2) Working collaboratively to define a new way forward, 3) Never stop learning, and 4) Aligning decisions with their strategic priorities to ensure their goals are achieved. The district assembled cross-functional return planning teams who have used these core beliefs and ongoing feedback from the community to define key decisions and design innovative solutions related to teaching and learning, operations, family and student support, and staffing and employment. Read more about Aldine ISD’s progress toward a Return to Learn plan.


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Check out these upcoming opportunities to level up your leadership, teams, schools and districts. 


Upcoming Webinars

Filling Your Leadership Cup for the New Normal

Filling Your Leadership Cup for the New Normal

July 28th at 1:00 PM CT

As we prepare to enter the upcoming school year, it is more important than ever that we are taking the time to reflect and learn, and are operating from a human centered and growth oriented mindset. This webinar will explore how leaders can prepare for the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and energy for building a better and more equitable school system, and how we can ground ourselves to confront any challenges and unknowns that lie ahead.

How a Personalized Learning Approach Can Address Learning Loss Webinar Blog CTA

How a Personalized Learning Approach Can Address Learning Loss

August 4th at 1:00 PM CT

Experts anticipate potentially significant learning loss due to the impacts of COVID-19. This is likely to widen existing inequities in our school. To help students, we must provide increased flexibility, targeted support and student ownership - all elements of good personalized learning.


We know this year has been hard. We constantly are in awe of the work you do to support students and families across Texas. We see you. Our hearts go out to all of the leaders making decisions on reopening schools. We hope no one thinks for a second that the people writing the plans aren’t feeling it from every perspective. We would love to chat about anything that is on your mind or an idea from this newsletter you want to bring to life. We are thinking of you daily and are so proud of everything you are doing. Feel free to forward this to colleagues and friends and encourage them to subscribe!