June and Q2 COVID Update

As we enter Q3, it becomes crucial to look back and see how the markets are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated downturn of the global economy. In our Q1 update, we broke it down for you both from a month by month perspective and over the quarter as a whole. We followed up with an update for April and May, so here we are with a closer look at June and the trends we've seen over the second quarter of the year!


CMP Update

We've completed our migration to Sortable's hosted Quantcast CMP, and are now updating to support TCF2. Please ensure your privacy policies have been updated with required changes for CCPA and GDPR. If you'd like more information, please visit our Knowledge Base here. Keep a look out for our Product Release Notes next week for more details.

Email Elements-05-1

New partners added

Our Demand team has added new partners and new lines this week. To ensure that all of your eligible partners are able to bid on your inventory, you need to make sure your ads.txt file is up to date. One easy way to do this is using Sortable’s new Hosted Ads.txt solution which automatically updates your ads.txt file when new demand sources are added. You can also view when the last update occurred.



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