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A look at the ways in which Education Elements’ partner districts have been creatively supporting their stakeholders during these uncertain times.

  • The Bronx Plan, a joint initiative between the New York City Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers, is continuing their support of school teams. In building a series of six learning modules, they developed training that focuses on collaboration, psychological safety, shared decision making, and teaming and began virtual training with school leaders from the 50 campuses in the first Bronx Plan cohort. 
  • In June, leaders across the Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Region formed a Regional Reopening Workgroup to begin planning for different scenarios for a return to school. The group consists of representative leaders from various districts, departments and campus levels in the region working to create and share guidance with area districts on reopening using four Core Values for planning: Equity, Safety, Communication, and Collaboration. The workgroup has been meeting for a series of 2-week sprints to simultaneously provide guidance for three potential scenarios for reopening while pivoting as new information from the state and federal level come in. A playbook to be used by districts will include actions under four key component areas: Operations, Instructional Support, Student Support and Wellness. The Workgroup plans to release the playbook in conjunction with New York State guidance in mid-July.
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  • Unadilla Valley Central School District (UVCSD) is working to finalize their returning to school timeline, as well as clarifying prototypes they must build for their various return scenarios.  Throughout the planning process, UVCSD has engaged with families, staff, and students via weekly meetings and ThoughtExchange.
  • Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 4.26.20 PMOssining UFSD is growing as a learning organization to further its ultimate goal of strengthening its identity as an inclusive organization. To do that, it is hosting monthly learning sessions for leaders across the district about building psychological safety, improving meeting structures, and creating processes to make the organization more responsive. Simple practices like using a check-in question or a project management tool like Trello are starting to spread across the district. Especially in times like these, the district understands that schools grow when the leaders within them carve out time to grow themselves.

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How To Design A Responsive Return Plan


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