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Today's strategy is actually a follow up from a strategy email I shared 2 months ago. 


The strategy was/is:


Personalize campaigns across the entire website funnel, especially when leading with some type of promotion.


Here's the data: 


100% confidence @ 4-9% modeled RPV lift with statistically significant data. 


Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 12.07.52 PM


I show exactly how this works in the video below.


The cliff notes:

  1. If you are driving large amts of traffic to a landing page leading with an offer (like this)...
  2. ...display that offer across each subsequent page => like the collection, product, cart page
  3. You can set this up with an easy multi-step funnel in most testing platforms, including G Optimize
  4. Why? Once the user proceeds then your offer is broken..and likely forgotten. Keep the offer front and center to prevent the "what was that deal they were offering me when I first hit the website?"
  5. You can get creative with controlling the campaign by triggering based on utm params, cookies set via GTM, etc. 

Take a look a the vid for more details:



Check out this Video




Even if not relevant for today - this will be super relevant come Q4! 


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