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Vintage Restoration: Bringing This 1920s Kitchen’s Charm Back

With the help of a knowledgeable custom cabinetmaker, this couple take a 1980s renovation and return to the home's original 1920s charm.

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How to Pick the Right Shade of White Paint

Designer Amy Mitchell of Home Glow Design has a few pointers on how to pick the right shade of white. And they’re game changers.

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Adding English Country Charm to Your Spaces

What really goes into the subtle yet distinctive quintessential English Country cottage look? Learn how to add English Country touches and make your cottage feel like home.


5 Boozy Porch Punches

Mix these easy punches to enjoy the next time you're soaking in (or escaping) the warm summer sun on your porch.


Shabby Chic Cottage Style

Welcome shabby chic cottage style with soft colors and French influences that come together to create a chic and serene escape.

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