Ed Elements: August 2015 Newsletter

August 2015 Newsletter

On Our Minds:

The Personalized Learning Playbook: Check it Out Online or Add it to your Bookshelf
We heard PL Summit attendees loud and clear - The Personalized Learning Playbook by Anthony Kim is a great tool for changing hearts and minds and getting people excited about personalized learning.  Districts across the country are using it with leaders, teachers and Board to start discussions and generate excitement. Feeling a little bit of FOMO?  You can buy it here, download an excerpt here, see the image gallery here or see some of the resources that inspired it, and join an online book club, here. Happy reading!

LELA...Take 2
We are so excited about all of the work we have been doing to select the 10 district leaders selected by the Lexington Institute to be their first cohort of LELA fellows. Over the past few months we have spent time with each leader and their team in-person and on the phone working on developing or honing their personalized learning vision and mapping out next steps in their design and implementation planning.  We are having so much fun we signed up to support the next round of LELA fellows too!  Want to be one of ten to personalize learning for thousands?  Learn more and fill out an application here.

It's Almost Go-Time! 
This is one of our busiest and favorite times of year. Our entire team is working hard to get ready for back to school, making sure that every student, teacher and administrator will have the support, tools and platform they need to be successful. Highlight, our Personalized Learning Platform, is about to launch and it is looking better, acting faster and processing data more robustly than ever before. This month 25,000 students will start using Highlight and start feeling what it’s like to have a rich, data-driven, learning experience.

This month, we are kicking off the new school year for 4 of our school district partners:

Yes, on August 25th we will all be exhausted but it’s not over yet. We will take a deep breath and then get ready for September! More and more students are getting Personalized Learning through our platform this year. Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming implementations for the month of September.


Product Spotlight:

Personalized Learning is coming to life in innovative classrooms across the country and Highlight is here to help. Whether you need easy access to digital content, a more efficient way to analyze student data or a district wide perspective on content usage, Highlight can help.  

For the 2015-2016 school year we have a revamped Student LaunchPad, a brand new teacher experience and dashboards for school and district leaders. Keep on reading to see some of the new features this year.

Student LaunchPad | Students can access digital content, tools and web resources, from one place with a single click.

Insights for Teachers | Highlight automatically recognizes patterns in student performance, saving teachers time and making it easier to adjust the learning experience.

Activity and Usage Reports | Teachers can review class progress toward goals and see trends in performance over time.

School and District Leader Dashboard | Leaders can view digital content data across all schools and classrooms.  This data can help to maximize product usage and minimize wasted licenses.

Let us know if Highlight can help you to personalize learning in your classroom, school or district.  Drop us a line at info@edelements.com or visit our website to learn more.


Partner Spotlight:

Edusight: Better Decisions With Data


Edusight is an intuitive gradebook with a built-in student learning portfolio. We help teachers document evidence of learning using grades, photos, audio and video. This evidence comes together in beautiful, easy-to-digest student portfolios that can be shared with students, parents, and administrators in real time so everyone is engaged in improving student learning.


  • Standards-based or traditional gradebook
  • Mobile Apps (iOS available now, Android under development) apps (iPad / iPhone) to document notes, photos, audio and video
  • Standards tagging for all evidence of learning
  • Simple student portfolio
  • Automated alerts and early warning system for teachers (under development)
  • Student / parent web access and Mobile Apps (under development)
  • Analytics and data visualization for Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators (premium feature)
  • Shared data across school accounts, allowing teachers to collaborate when working with the same students across classes (premium feature)
  • Integrations with other systems - e.g., SIS / LMS integration (premium feature)

Here’s how we work with teachers to build the best user experience in K-12 education. We’re building Edusight to be intuitive, flexible, and powerful, and to reduce the already incredible burden on teachers’ shoulders.

Feedback for Edusight:

  • “The best designed gradebook I have ever encountered.” - Mike R., Instructional Leader at a top Canadian private school

  • “What used to take me 2 weeks to learn takes me 15 minutes with Edusight!” - Maria A., kindergarten teacher, Brooklyn public school

  • “Edusight is SO MUCH EASIER TO USE than my last gradebook.” - Stacy I., high school teacher, Palo Alto charter school

Our vision is to improve student outcomes by presenting the right information to the right person at the right time. Through our simple web and mobile apps, we help teachers do more than just grading - we help them document rich information about each student’s progress and needs.


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Places to Meet Up

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  • NH DOE Statewide Educator Conference: Transformation at the Instructional Core August 6-7, 2015 - Join Anthony Kim for his keynote: The Future of Education, Where Personalized Learning Meets Competency
  • iNACOL the Blended and Online Learning Symposium, Orlando, FL., Nov 8-11. Don’t miss our pre-conference session with district leaders from 7 school districts: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Superintendents Share Battle Scars and Victories from Designing and Implementing a Personalized Learning Strategy Across their District, or our session with 3 inspiring districts: 50 Shades of Personalized Learning: There’s More Than One Way to Do It.  Be on the lookout for info about our booth, parties, and more!

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