Great reads about common product management mistakes

My team and I review more than 1,000 articles, research studies, videos, and podcasts on a weeky basis to hand-select the ones we think you'll most enjoy. For this edition, we focused on avoiding common product management mistakes.

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Read along with us on Medium, where The Innovator is now a publication. We'll publish and include our favorite articles every week.



The CTO of Yammer just wrote a fascinating piece about how virtually any development methodology can be used to exert tighter control over engineers and product teams. The solution isn't agile - it's self-organizing teams.

How to recognize a bad ux


Some really good tips for immediately recognizing when you are heading down the wrong UX path. Even if you're not a natural designer, you'll be able to easily spot these mistakes.


MOST product managers suck


We all know how difficult it can be to succinctly explain the role of a product manager, making it a challenge to build rapport with coordinating teams and stakeholders. That challenge isn't made an easier by the fact that 90%+ of product managers are making critical mistakes, according to Ben Foster. For more from Ben, check out his podcast episode on mentorship.


The hippo isn't your worst enEmy


Following the Highest Paid Person's Opinion isn't always the worst idea - sometimes it's got quite a few benefits. Your real enemy is the Zebra, according to Tristan KromerFor more from Tristan, check out his podcast episode on experimentation.


new podcast from nyc Media Lab


Justin Hendrix and our friends over at NYC Media Lab have been cooking up a sweet new podcast for product teams in media. Check out episodes on notification, IoT, and storytelling. For more from Justin, check out his podcast episode on personalization.


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