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When Board Members Get Involved, Corporate Tax Burden Goes Down

New research co-authored by Nathan Goldman, assistant professor of accounting at Poole College, finds that when a company's board takes an interest in tax-planning practices it can lead to less tax uncertainty and lower tax burdens.
NC State Poole College Announces Jon Carr as MIE Department Head

“Dr. Carr has a passion for the success of our students, faculty and staff, I look forward to working with him as we continue to innovate our processes and programs to create even better opportunities for our students, faculty and staff,” said Dean Buckless.

ERM Initiative Website Refresh Offers Rich Library of Resources
The ERM Initiative gave their website a fresh redesign that is mobile friendly and gives ERM professionals with a variety of resources and research to help them strengthen the integration of risk management and strategic decision making.
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Friend of the MAC Program Award
The Jenkins MAC Program introduces the Friend of the MAC Program Award for those who attend program events, contribute towards scholarships, show involvement and leadership, and support the program in the community. Nominations for this award are due no later than Wednesday, September 30.
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Making Connections: Poole Alumna Trying to Bridge Cultural Barriers
Recent Poole graduate Jeyashree Haridoss founded Sol, a platform to connect immigrants and refugees to interpreters that will help close the language and cultural knowledge gap.
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Behind the Scenes: New Diversity and Inclusion Space Preview

poole college (2)

Tayah Butler, director of diversity inclusion, introduced the new suite on the first floor of Nelson Hall that will be dedicated to the collaborative work around diversity and inclusion.
The suite will display student artwork and visuals, house lockers and provide a safe space for students to take a breather during the day.


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