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The Internet of Things
In A New Age of Customer Experience

Thermostats interpret real-time weather data and household traffic patterns in order to automatically optimize temperature settings. Smart outlets enable you to monitor and control appliances remotely. Home monitoring systems alert you of burst pipes and intruders, and enable you to remotely control lighting, alarms and door locks...Read More 

There are three types of data that should be carefully considered when developing your marketing campaigns: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party. But, which data type is best? In this Infographic you will learn the definition of each type and the unique benefits and advantages each type has to offerView the complete Infographic.

High spending new movers provide an excellent opportunity for retailers to acquire new customers, offset existing customer churn, and generate foot traffic. Learn how a leading retailer utilized predictive modeling to optimize response rates and other program metrics, while increasing annual revenue by $24 million and foot traffic by 45%. View the Case Study.

Industry Buzz

Customers have so many choices online — to shop, to read articles, to watch videos and more. A brand or publisher that wants to grab their attention must quickly serve the most relevant, useful information...Read More

I had a great conversation the other day with a customer experience leader at a large global organization who, I must admit, sounded perhaps just a bit whipsawed by customer feedback data...Read More

A buzzword that has created waves in the marketing world in recent times is Data-Driven Marketing Optimization. While it may seem simple and obvious at first – marketing decisions should ideally be based on valid data and that data should help drive optimization of strategies and thereby, revenue...Read More




Listen In on Conversations That Count

Data Dialogues: Customer Acquisition 

In this edition of Data Dialogues, host Jim Iott, and Odell Coleman, founder of ColemanWick, LLC., a full service market research and data analytics agency, discuss techniques to drive customer acquisition.

Data Dialogues is an on-going video series which explores important topics concerning data analytics and database marketing, and provides insight into how marketers can succeed in a data-driven world.






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