Great reads about learning through prototyping

The Innovator is the premier curated newsletter for product teams. My team and I review more than 1,000 articles and research studies on a weeky basis to hand-select the ones we think you'll most enjoy. For this newsletter, we bring you some of the best reads about learning through prototyping.



In this well-argued and illustrated article by Nikkel Blaase, you'll better understand how to think in the context of user > solution > feature. Fall in love with the problem, craft the value proposition that solves it, and then start thinking about designing features to manifest it.

How would you spend your first week on the job?


Make sure to make it a priority to talk to customers on a continuous basis, says Evan Michner. After all, if you don't, who will? There's a myriad of hats that product managers must wear, but an understanding of the user is required to contextualize the rest.

Tools to get the job done 


Linda Escober provides product teams
with a guide for research tools to actually test prototypes and gather feedback. Whether you're looking to shoot off a survey in minutes or run a comprehensive analysis of user behavior in a simulated environment, her article has got you covered.


Mastering rapid prototyping: the complete guide


Mike Fishbein and Josh Wexler spent more than two months pooling together their expertise on the subject of prototyping and customer development to write the ebook, What Product Managers Need to Know About Rapid Prototyping. It's really a masterful work which I've written about here.


WHAT's the future?


Although not directly related to prototyping, this article by Tim O'Reilly will get you thinking about a number of converging trends. He also introduces a new conference O'Reilly is launching this Fall. 

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