Ed Elements: June 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter


On Our Minds:

Success Stories: A New Page Dedicated to Our District Partners Rocking Results

We are thrilled to announce you that we have a brand new Success Stories page on our website. You can find end of year results (like 154% in reading last year), case studies and videos highlighting the amazing work of our district partners and content partners alike. We love watching our list of success stories grow, so keep checking in as the year progresses.  Want to see yourself on the page?  Email amy@edelements amy@edelements.com to learn more about how we can help your district become our next success story. And if all these numbers and testimonials aren’t enough? You can see our 2013-2014 results, and we’ll notify you once this year’s results are ready for download.

Our Districts Aren't The Only Success Stories - Our Very Own Keara Duggan is Now a Pahara Fellow

Keara Duggan, a Senior Consultant who you may also have seen rocking the mike at the #PLSummit was one of 25 leaders to be selected to join the Pahara Fall 2015 NextGen Network.  The network is designed to recognize and support exceptional emerging senior leaders who can amplify the voices of underrepresented communities that are currently not well served by our public schools - which sounds just like our Keara!   Keara is deeply passionate about ensuring under-served and rural students have access to an excellent education, and in her role with our team, Keara partners with school districts to design, launch, and support personalized learning models to accelerate student achievement. This accomplishment is a source of pride and inspiration to all of us, and we are all delighted to work with such inspiring people.

Check out the Pahara website to see the full list of  the Fall 2015 NextGen Network leaders.


Design Spotlight:

Designing for Flipped Classrooms - A new project for Middletown, NY

Over the past two years we have been working together with Middletown Enlarged City School District to design and support K-8 blended classrooms and focusing on building independent learning abilities within a classroom setting. Our new HS design project will allow our EE and Middletown partners to transition our design focus to secondary blended classrooms with a flipped component, and eventually to flipped schools, continuing the focus of preparing students for college and beyond by scaffolding real world experiences and access to Syracuse Online courses while still in high school.

Flipped classroom is the first step towards students becoming more independent in their learning, preparing them for the college environment.  Student ownership over their learning is essential to their success.

In the flipped model, students learn core concepts online and work to assimilate and apply their knowledge during class time. The teaching role shifts to one of coach, facilitator, and mentor during class time.

So how will we work together to make this change?  It won’t happen overnight.

Year 1 Focus: Flipped Classroom Focus

The in-classroom flipped model will focus on using class time to deepen learning as well as differentiate in small groups or 1:1.  Teaching Competencies: Teachers training on flipped classroom will learn how to set goals with students, monitor progress, and do more small group and 1:1 training.  

Year 2-3 Focus: Flipped Classroom→ Flipped School Focus

We extend out the concept of flipped teaching into a new school model emphasizing college readiness in which we begin incorporating concepts such as advisory and “forum time”.  Students are responsible for taking facilitated 21st century prep courses when ready and taking SUNY offerings during Forum.  In Advisory, students track progress towards goals with their advisor. In 11/12th grade, Forum can be at the end of the day to allow for more service learning/internships/real world experiences as well.   


We are thrilled to continue to build on our K-8 work while simultaneously launching this new and exciting secondary design project with our Middletown partners over the next several years. We will be kicking off our HS Flipped design work in August!


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  • NH DOE Statewide Educator Conference: Transformation at the Instructional Core August 6-7, 2015 - Join Anthony Kim for his keynote: The Future of Education, Where Personalized Learning Meets Competency.
  • iNACOL the Blended and Online Learning Symposium, Orlando, FL., Nov 8-11. Don’t miss our pre-conference session with district leaders from 7 school districts: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Superintendents Share Battle Scars and Victories from Designing and Implementing a Personalized Learning Strategy Across their District, or our session with 3 inspiring districts: 50 Shades of Personalized Learning: There’s More Than One Way to Do It.  Be on the lookout for info about our booth, parties, and more!

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