June 19, 2020

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Upskill with NGen's AmpUP Program

NGen Announces Co-Investment in Web-Based Training Opportunities for Canadian Manufacturers.
Under the AMPUP (Accelerating Manufacturing Performance Upskilling Program), NGen will cover 50% of the cost of training for Canadian manufacturers to enroll their employees in selected skills development and certification programs offered by established trainers. See our list of available courses and eligibility requirements below.

Courses are web-based so they are already COVID friendly and signing up is easy.

Current courses available:

Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Manufacturing Productivity - Lean/Six Sigma

Mechatronics and Industrial Automation Technician

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NGen Collaboration Corner
Supercluster project partnership opportunities
Are you looking to collaborate?
Welcome to NGen's Collaboration Corner. This feature is available for member companies looking to connect with other companies for partnering opportunities for an Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster project. If you have a project idea you wish showcased on NGen’s Newsletter and Website. Apply here.
Featured opportunities: Pacefactory

Project description: Pacefactory has developed a real-time production efficiency monitoring solution using video analytics to track combined machine and human performance metrics. This analytical approach can simultaneously find quality and safety anomalies in production patterns, while visually representing problem solving examples for teams to collaborate on. The result is a consultative problem solving tool that rapidly increases productivity and profitability of manufacturing operations. Learn more_>

Apex Industries

Project Description: Apex is looking to establish a manufacturing process to produce a new composite material. This material will provide a cost-effective alternative with superior hardness and heat resistance to current available artificial solid surface materials for counter tops, interiors and exteriors of buildings.

Through this project, Apex is looking to establish an advanced manufacturing process encompassing a viable printing technology, resin mixing, glass and paper impregnation, continuous in-line drying, in-line cutting and stacking capabilities. The end product will incorporate 50-100 layers of impregnated material and printed product. Learn more_>

Online Events

Dates: July 14-15, 2020

Hannover-Messe-LogoFor the first time, HANNOVER MESSE is organizing a digital event based around the key theme of industrial transformation. What levers need to be applied to ensure that industry recovers quickly from the consequences of the shutdown?

The Digital Days will discuss current industry trends in Industry 4.0, AI, 5G, Smart, Energy and Logistics 4.0. The event is free. Register here_>

NGen Partners Corner

Ocean Supercluster Launches Competition for Ocean Tech Innovators

The Ocean Supercluster’s Ocean Startup Project has launched a new competition for entrepreneurs from rural, Indigenous, and urban communities, across Canada and internationally.

The Challenge was created to find and support innovators and companies developing products or technologies that can be applied to solve obstacles experienced in the ocean industry. The competition’s initial phase consists of 10 prizes of $25,000 each, available to startups and scaleups to prototype their solutions. Read more_>


NRC Call for Proposals: Canada-Germany 3+2 on Innovative Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Industrial Production

The governments of Canada and Germany are working together to foster and support collaborative industrial research and development (R&D) projects with a high potential for commercialization. This call for proposals is open to organizations from Canada and Germany who wish to form a project consortium to perform collaborative projects focussed on developing innovative products, processes, or technology-based services via innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for industrial production in the context of value-added manufacturing. Read more_>

CNRC Appel de propositions de projets de collaboration: Programme Canada-Allemagne 3+2 pour des solutions novatrices d’intelligence artificielle destinées à la production industrielle

Le gouvernement du Canada et celui de l'Allemagne souhaitent unir leurs efforts pour encourager et soutenir des projets de collaboration en recherche-développement (R-D) industriels ayant un potentiel commercial élevé. Le présent appel de propositions est ouvert aux organisations canadiennes et allemandes qui désirent faire partie d'un consortium pour mener en collaboration des projets de développement de produits ou de procédés novateurs ou de services technologiques s'appuyant sur des solutions novatrices d'intelligence artificielle (IA) destinées à la production industrielle dans un contexte de fabrication à valeur ajoutée. Lire la suite_>