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Brawlers, Bawlers, Bastards…. and the Bona Fide

The by-line to the Tom Waits album Orphans, is ‘Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards’, which brilliantly describes the scope of his songs. However I often think that it also describes the nature of commentary on public policy issues.

We get the over-simplified opinions of the Brawlers, the nostalgic pining of the Bawlers and the self-interested views of the Bastards. This is relevant to the current discussion we’re having in Australia about housing affordability too. We get the Brawlers telling us we have to simply build more houses; we get the Bawlers who want to establish a utopia of large-scale provision of public housing; and we get the Bastards, who really don’t want to change anything because of the self-interest they have in maintaining the status quo (often closely associated with the Brawlers).

Thankfully, along with the Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, there is the Bona Fide. If you want an authentic insight into understanding housing affordability check out Glenn’s blog on a demographer's view of the subject. You’ll get respectful insights into housing affordability; a clear definition of what it is; an explanation of the issues; an understanding of the complexity clarified with actual case studies based on evidence; links to resources that enable you to do your own research; and you’ll get the confidence to draw your own conclusions on the basis of the evidence presented.

What do we do? Demography! Why do we do it? To offer a bona fide alternative to the brawlers, bawlers and bastards! Check out our video to find out how and why we do it.



population income disparity

Population matters

The latest population figures: Australia down, Victoria up 

Victoria emerged as the fastest growing state by population while Australia's population growth rate dropped to a low of 1.42% in the latest quarterly issue of Australian Demographic Statistics. What are some other interesting population trends for Australia?

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 Housing and population

A word from our researchers

Does dwelling growth lead to population growth?

One of the more common misconceptions about population change is the relationship with dwellings and household structure. Many people assume that new dwellings means an increase in population. But as with most things in the demographic world, the reality is more complex.

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What's up with the economy

Insights for local governments from the Federal Budget

The 2015-16 Federal Budget has now been handed down. Budget Paper 1 provides a treasure trove of economic analysis and forecasts of the Australian economy. Let's synthesize the main points of interest for local government decision makers.

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 population densities

Population matters

Population densities of Australian capital cities

Population densities have traditionally provided information on the distribution of populations across space. By assessing how dense an area is in terms of population, we can determine possible pressures on existing services and infrastructure, remoteness of a community, opportunity for growth and expansion of communities as well as strategies for redistribution of population from denser areas to less dense ones.

How dense are Australian capital cities?
Part 1 - Darwin, Hobart and ACT
Part 2 - Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane
Part 3 - Melbourne and Sydney

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NZ focus

University towns in New Zealand - their impacts on the community and economy

Universities are special for the city they are part of as they have a major influence on the economic and social life of a place. How do universities affect our population, housing and industries?

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How can demographics help your business?

The end of the financial year is a pretty arbitrary deadline, but it does provide an opportunity to reflect on the last twelve months. At .id, we are driven by a desire to contribute to society. Our way of doing that is to help organisations make the connection between people and place. This year we worked with over 250 local governments to help them provide their complex array of services to where they are most needed. We’ve assisted a whole range of organisations make substantial investments in place too, including elite sporting organisations, education providers, retailers, property developers, utilities, not-for-profits and aged care providers. The demographic insights we provide help them see their business in new ways. Here’s a taste of how demographics helps.


 housing affordability

Final word

Housing bubbles, rents and affordability in Sydney and Melbourne

One of the most popular topics in the media at the moment is housing affordability. Specifically, are Sydney and Melbourne housing prices in a bubble? The first thing you really need to assess housing affordable is the role and function of an area. Who does it typically house, and can those people afford to buy there at present?

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