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As the world struggles to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, B Corporations may offer the reeling economy a way forward. Jessica Thomas explains how these businesses are better positioned than many other companies to withstand economic downturns.
On the Hunt 

Jenkins MBA students share their experiences with the virtual job interview process amidst a global pandemic and how they had to adapt to the changing professional environment. 

Joe Brazel newsletter
Joseph Brazel Receives $24,800 CAQ Research Advisory Board Grant
“Our proposed study will investigate a novel way of addressing auditor concerns over increased rates of false positives associated with analytic tools,” said Joseph Brazel, professor of accounting.
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Summer Research Spotlight: Robert Clark
This TIAA Institute grant will allow Clark to continue his study that will examine African-American and Hispanic women’s financial situation, financial capability, and financial literacy.
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Beth Shepherd Becomes First Poole College Director of Instructional Design
Shepherd will provide pedagogical consulting, design and development assistance for Poole College. She will collaborate with faculty to use their expertise in brainstorming, developing and implementing courses and programs.
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Poole Graduation Spotlight: Yifan Xie


Yifan Xie, a Ph.D. student and Jenkins fellow, had a long journey to the Poole College of Management. He first received his degree in economics from one of China's top business schools before coming to the United States.


“There were a lot of opportunities at NC State for me to teach, do research and collaborate with other departments,” Xie says. “I enjoyed helping other business school professors, outside of economics, on their research and data analysis.”