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Product Innovation Lab Winners: Where are They Now?

Two previous winners of the Product Innovation Lab Showcase winners, Jelyse Dawson and Andrew Bowker, share how the Jenkins MBA course has impacted their professional lives today.
Tom Linton
VIDEO: Tom Linton Interview

Tom Linton, chief procurement and supply chain office for Flex Ltd., discusses lessons learned in his career, localized supply chains and Flex Pulse products along with his advice for recent graduates.

GLAM Masterclass in Luxury Digital Marketing
“Attendees were given the opportunity to experience an interactive, live virtual class with a Q&A session, similar to a regular class meeting,” said Allison Anthony. “It was a true glimpse into a graduate class taught by GLAM senior lecturer Patrice Nealon.”
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ERM newsletter
ERM Practicum Gives MAC Students Opportunities to Practice Theory
“In January and February, our students met senior executives of their respective companies to discuss the risks facing their businesses," said Mark Beasley. "So not only did we want their presentations to reflect those risks, but also to address the real-time issues caused by COVID."
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Summer Research Spotlight: David Henard
David Henard received $91,902 from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to continue his research in support of the department’s knowledge management program, CLEAR.
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Poole Graduation Spotlight: Caroline Utt


GLAM student Caroline Utt became interested in luxury brand management after studying abroad in Florence, Italy, for her bachelor’s degree from the Wilson College of Textiles.


“I worked extremely hard in order to get into the GLAM program,” Utt says. “It is such great preparation for a successful career in luxury fashion brand management and marketing.