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Changes with Google Chrome version 75 that may affect you

Sortable has been actively recommending lazy loading of ads to increase viewability and decrease page load time. With Google’s release of Chrome version 75 on June 4, 2019, Android devices using Chrome will default to lazy loading for certain types of iframes, which includes those used for displaying ads.

This feature is being tested on mobile devices for now, and coming to desktops later (potentially September 2019). Publishers (who have not previously used lazy loading) may note slightly fewer ad impressions as a result, as ads outside the viewport may not be loaded. At the same time, CPMs may increase as a result of less inventory and higher overall viewability.

For a detailed technical explanation of this change in Chrome and the impacts on display advertising, we recommend this article on AdMonsters.

Sortable will be actively monitoring the impact of this change and providing publishers with recommendations for optimizing as we identify how best to respond to these changes.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to your account manager or

- The Sortable Team

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Let's talk about session RPM

We know that it can be challenging to determine which metric matters most—at Sortable, we recommend our publishers focus on session RPM to realize where you can improve your site(s).


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