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Google recently announced plans to move to unified pricing rules for Google Ad Manager, phasing out the current open auction pricing rules that apply solely to Google's Ad Exchange. These updates are part of Google’s transition to first-price auctions, intended to simplify and unify auctions with consistent rules and pricing across eligible channels. Some of these changes, such as a stated maximum of 100 rules and eliminating the option to target only Google’s demand, will have an impact on how many publishers manage auctions using flooring rules today.

Sortable is carefully considering our options to best navigate these changes on behalf of publishers. Similar to recent changes to Key Value restrictions in Google Ad Manager, or the adoption of new standards to comply with GDPR in the European Economic Area, we are monitoring the situation closely and will develop strategies and solutions as it becomes more clear what the impact is and how we can best maximize revenue for publishers. Google has released their transition schedule for these changes, indicating that this plan will begin with 1% of Ad Exchange traffic in May and scale up until these changes are fully adopted by the end of July of this year. Sortable will continue to update publishers about these changes as we monitor Google’s tests during this time.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to your account manager or

- The Sortable Team


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