A Look at How Sortable Helped Increase TextNow's Ad Performance

TextNow is a leader in the wireless industry, providing millions of consumers with unlimited talk and text freedom around the globe. Their mission is to change the way people communicate through exceptional and affordable phone service. Two challenges facing their business were ad monetization for web applications, and increasing performance on single page interfaces. To see how Sortable's data and analytics helped uncover ways to improve ad products and behaviours–increasing viewability by 220% and CPM by 148% check out our case study here.

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Three Privacy Laws All Publishers Should Know About

In our newest blogpost, we take a look at three different Internet Privacy Acts around the world that affect our network. With Sortable publishers seeing an average split of 40% US, 15% EEA, and 8% Canada traffic, we’ve rounded up some information privacy laws and personal information-handling practices that you should keep in mind, whether you’re based in those countries, see visitors from there, or want to see traffic from there. Take a look at our blogpost here.

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Meet our New Head of Product!

We are so excited to share news about one of our most recent hires; Jamie Murphy has joined Sortable as our new VP Product! Jamie has extensive experience in product management and product marketing and has developed global products from inception to launch across many organizations at various stages. We are looking forward to seeing how Jamie's expertise will shape our product roadmap in the future.

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A Reminder about Our Referral Program

As a customer of Sortable, you know the value of working with us. If you let us know of other websites that could grow their advertising revenue with Sortable, you could be eligible for a referral bonus that includes a $500 gift card and 5% the referred publishers earnings during their first 6 months.

To learn more about who is eligible to be referred and how to send a referral please visit our referral page.

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Are you using our UTM feature to its full potential?


Since launching our new reporting dashboard, one of the features we are most excited about is our easy-to-access UTM reporting. To make sure our publishers are getting the most from this feature, we've written a primer on what UTM is and its best practices. A great way to leverage this feature and optimize your page is to track where your traffic is coming from, and work on optimizing against your most valuable traffic. Identifying which parts of your site perform against your KPIs allows you to plan for content that will perform according to your goals. To read more about this feature and how to use it, check out our documentation here. For any questions about how UTM reporting can be leveraged for your site, please feel free to reach out to success@sortable.com and our Account Management team will be happy to share insight.

Publisher Success Team Planning Day


Top row from left to right: Min, Lila, Andrea, Julie, Bryn, Adrian, Kim
Bottom row from left to right: Alexis, Kerry, Leela, Karan

Earlier this month, our team participated in a Publisher Success planning day where we rolled up our sleeves and engaged in insightful round table discussion and team building exercises. Our candid conversations allowed us to evaluate feedback on what we felt was needed to better service our publishers, and to share general industry knowledge. Sitting together helped us all get on the same page, and learn from each other's unique experiences. We spent time planning both team and personal goals as well, looking at what we want to accomplish in the upcoming months, and the next few years. One of our ongoing goals is to keep improving our relationships with our customers, and one way we felt we could do this is by putting some faces to the names our publishers interact with over phone and email - please meet the team above! As always, we are always open to feedback and we want to hear from you. To share ideas on how we can help you succeed, please feel free to reach out to us at success@sortable.com.