Report Builder is Here!

Earlier this week we rolled out a preview of our new reporting platform, Report Builder. At Sortable, we are continuously working to develop tools that will help our customers make better business decisions, backed by data. Report Builder arms customers with accurate information, presented in useful ways, that can be leveraged for optimizing programmatic ad inventory and maximizing revenue. Some new dimensions that are now available include a timezone option in a date range, report level filters, metric level filters, hourly reports, the ability to save reports, and more. Report Builder can be accessed through the classic view UI, from banner at the top of the page. As you explore, we invite you to let us know what you think using the Feedback button in the top right navigation. We've also prepared a Navigation Tutorial to give you a guided walk-through of the new platform. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more resources and tutorials, so stay tuned!


   Digital Publishing in a Post-GDPR World   A Major Leap Towards Stopping Bad Ads  
  It’s a new world post-rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European digital privacy law with global economic impact. An enormous amount of time, energy and expense has been spent across the digital advertising industry – from SSPs and DSPs, to publishers, marketers and networks – to integrate these new consumer privacy protections into their businesses. In our latest blog post, we review publisher GDPR decisions and the costly impact on fill, CPM and revenue. On our blog, you can also learn more about Sortable's hosted Content Management Platform, and how it helped our publishers comply with GDPR, following the IAB standard. To get in touch with our team of GDPR experts, please feel free to us at, where we can discuss how Sortable can help you manage consent, the complexities of regulation, and revenue optimization.   We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ad quality vendor, Confiant! Confiant is similar to anti-virus software, but for malicious ads. Their technology blocks known bad creatives, as well as ads coming from malicious domains. We will keep you posted with additional important updates as we work through the rollout. If you have questions about Confiant or general ad quality and what it means for your business, please reach out to  
  Sortable's New Look   Is Your Stack Operating at Full Potential?  
  Have you checked out our new look? Sortable’s website has been updated with fresh content and our new branding. Our new brand reflects the pillars of our business and culture; the colours are vibrant and dynamic, and the look is modern and progressive. We’d love to hear your feedback at   When ads.txt came into effect last year, it took AdTech by storm. Such a simple concept promised powerful protection to an industry suffering from issues with ad fraud. Ads.txt allows publishers to declare the partners allowed to monetize their inventory using identifiers that are specific to their accounts. To ensure you are maximizing all the potential demand Sortable can provide, please visit your Sortable UI and navigate to the "Site Configuration" section to find your file. We update this section regularly when we add new partners. Our team will also let you know when there are new vendors to add for your site.  


Viewability and CPM

Viewability is an important metric used by sell and buy side partners to determine and optimize the value of an impression. While a lot of factors can affect yield, improving viewability drastically improves the CPM of an ad unit. Buyers prefer impressions that are in view, and high viewability helps support other KPIs that are important to brands like conversion rates. You can use the Sortable platform to report on viewability data by ad unit, and use this information to identify optimization opportunities. A simple tweak in placement on the page, or a change to the ad format could significantly improve your viewability and yield more revenue. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.


  Sortable's First Hackathon   Chainsaw Takeover!  

Last month, we were so excited to host our first Hackathon. Our engineers prepared project ideas, which were followed by pitch sessions to their peers to recruit team members to develop their builds. On Hackathon day, our engineers started their mornings with a big breakfast, and swiftly broke into their teams to start whiteboarding. Throughout the day, we hacked through many ideas focused on yield, reporting features, and system optimizations. In the evening, projects were presented to the company, with our CEO, Chris Reid, there to take in all the new ideas. The event was a huge success and we can't wait to share these new features with you once they are fully developed.


When we aren't hacking away at problems, we count on our Sortable Social Committee to come up with fun ideas to get our team engaged outside of regular day-to-day work. Chainsaw is a karaoke bar in Waterloo, and we were pleased to host our team for a night of fun in their space. The night began with some drinks and appetizers on the patio, and then moved inside for a series of performances. The music varied from Led Zeppelin to The Bee Gees, and performers featured Sortablers throughout the whole organization, including our CEO and VP Engineering. We’ve been known to host karaoke nights with customers when we attend ad tech conferences, and we'll be sure to let you know when we host our next event so you can join us for some fun.