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The Poole Research Perspective
A Monthly Newsletter on Research in Poole College
PCOM Think and Do
New Conflict of Interest and Notice of Intent (COI/NOI) Module Goes Live
The COI/NOI module in NC State's new enterprise research administration system known as RED (Research Enterprise Data) went live for a limited audience on May 12th. All new COI disclosures and NOI forms must now be submitted through RED. Training resources for the new module are available at the link below.
Changes to NSF Biosketch and Current & Pending Requirements

If you are planning a proposal submission to the National Science Foundation you need to be aware of significant changes to the biosketch and current & pending support document requirements. These two documents must be completed using either SciENcv or NSF's fillable PDF form.

Laboratory for Analytic Sciences Virtual Collaborators Week June 15-18
The Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) Virtual Collaborators week is designed to attract unique and qualified academic and industry partners interested in working with LAS. LAS research areas for 2021 are expected to include human-machine collaboration, machine learning integrity, influence campaign detection and characterization, data triage, and advancing analytic rigor.
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Spotlight on Sponsored Research: Robert Clark, Financial Well-Being Among African-American and Hispanic Women
Robert Clark has been awarded $33,500 from the TIAA Institute and the Pension Research Council Partnership for a study that will examine African-American and Hispanic women's financial situation, financial capability, and financial literacy. The research findings will be used to understand how workplace financial wellness programs can be made more inclusive and effective, with the ultimate goal of increasing financial well-being and equality in the U.S.