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Mobile Signal



FDX is expected to report earnings on 6/22. User sessions of its mobile app have increased 22% YoY.

App Acquisitions







Facebook has acquired Giphy, a GIF making and sharing company. Facebook plans to have Giphy's team integrated into the Instagram team. The mobile app has been downloaded 84.1 million times since launch in March 2015.




Looking ahead

While different strategies have been deployed, China is further along in its virus journey than every other country. Lately, we've seen aggregate daily active users of the top international hotel chain apps bounce back around 50% off the bottom. While mobile apps can be used as room keys, I imagine this is more about booking for the future and price checking for a potential booking.





Nothing, disguised as something

A lot of the time you get real, actionable insights and trends from this newsletter. Other times I just want to point something out to you that is new or different or whacky. So... users of the mobile app Randonautica are affectionately referred to as randonauts. Randonautica lets you set an intention for your journey (which I think does not actually figure in to anything the app does) and then it plots a point for you to go to. It is a random point somewhat near your current location. You then go there and look around and that is the end. I have to assume that we are fresh out of ideas and that this is rising in popularity right now because people just need something to do outside, even if it's actually nothing. Closing in on 600k daily randos.


Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with Tango Live.

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Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with Tango Live.

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Posts & updates


The transition to digital remittances has been accelerated; remittance apps see sharp uptick in new users

Apps used for the purpose of sending money to other people, also known as sending remittances, have been adding new users at a dramatically higher rate this quarter.


Selfie editing apps get a lift during social distancing

In the past three months, the top face & body editing apps, or "selfie" editing apps, grew sessions 15% in the U.S. and 10% globally.




Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in tech and mobile followed up with a little earnings preview for Netflix and Peloton. This episode has its first ever guest in Chris Radtke of Braze. He discusses their latest guide on reaching your customers in the moments that matter. After that the crew reviews the latest Apptopia insight on Facebook Games and more, followed by our own game of In or Out. Here's the rundown:

[2:08] Mobile News Review
[10:43] I know what you did last quarter
[15:38] Discussion w/Chris Radtke of Braze
[41:27] This week on Apptopia
[46:51] In or Out




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