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Weekly update for Poole faculty and staff from the Office of Business Services
MyPack Portal: How to Make It More Personalized

It's been three years since MyPack Portal had a complete makeover to provide user friendly interfaces, navigational improvements and a more modern look. With the upgrade in place, you are now able to make changes to the home page, create favorite pages and more. Continue reading to find out how to navigate throughout the portal and how customize the system to better fit your needs.


New PCOM HR Services Email Address 

In order to provide the best service, PCOM HR Services has established a new shared email box. This will help get your questions answered quickly by the appropriate person. Please add pcomhrsgroup@ncsu.edu to your favorite email addresses!

Leave Options for COVID Related Absences
The leave options for COVID related absences can be somewhat confusing. University HR put together this chart to try and help explain the options. If you have questions, please reach out to pcomhrsgroup@ncsu.edu
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Coronavirus Response

Stay informed and get answers to your questions about COVID-19. Stay up to date about what you need to know in regards to the community's response to COVID-19. Call the Wolfpack Response Line at 919-512-3272 or use the link to get accurate information.


5/21: May Bi-weekly Lockout

5/22: May PCard Reconciliation - Last day to post charges to the correct project ID and account code


6/5: June Bi-weekly Lockout at 5 p.m.


6/12: June Monthly Lockout at 5 p.m.


6/19: June Bi-weekly Lockout at 5 p.m.

6/22: May PCard Statements - PCards will be placed on hold if not fully approved by 5 p.m.


6/23: June PCard Reconciliation - last day to post charges to the correct project ID and account code




5/29: Poole Pack Development Series: Managing Change Effectively


6/15: Business Partners Brown Bag Meeting at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom