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Weekly update for Poole faculty and staff from the Office of Business Services
Shop MarketPlace First Requirement

The college will be requiring all individuals to shop the marketplace first for all purchases that are able to be purchased through there. When purchases are made using other mechanisms a justification and pre-approval must occur. Please reach out to pcombusiness@ncsu.edu for access to MarketPlace.


New PCOM HR Services Email Address 

In order to provide the best service, PCOM HR Services has established a new shared email box. This will help get your questions answered quickly by the appropriate person. Please add pcomhrsgroup@ncsu.edu to your favorite email addresses!

Chartfield and Using WRS Q&A
We get lots of questions about Wolfpack Reporting System (WRS) and chartfield. Here is a link to the trainings we did in the fall explaining chartfield and WRS. As well as the university's WRS trainings. We will be holding a WRS Q&A in the near future. Please submit questions in advance to pcombusiness@ncsu.edu
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Nonmandatory Employees Required to Continue Working Remotely
All NC State nonmandatory employees should continue to work remotely until further notice. Doing so will help ensure a healthy campus community.
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Spring Belltower newsletter
Professional Memberships
Personal/individual membership fees cannot be charged to any project that follows state spending guidelines unless it is required for the employee's position on campus.
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Alert to Campus Regarding False Retirement Emails
Several of NC State’s faculty and staff have received an email with the subject line “TSERS help for North Carolina State University personnel” from an outside group with the email extension @pension-analysis.com. Please note they are not endorsed by or associated with the State Retirement System, UNC System Office or NC State University. If you need assistance with retirement planning, your mandatory retirement plan, or one of the supplemental retirement plans (401k, 403b, 457b), please reach out to your UHR Benefits Consultant at the link provided.
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TIAA Virtual Meetings
You don't have to plan for the future alone. You can schedule a virtual plan session with LaFreita Whitehead to assist you with creating a plan for your goals. These sessions are at no additional cost as a part of your retirement plan.
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Google Productivity Reminders

Google has a lot of tools to help stay prioritized while working. Click the link to learn how to create reminders in Google Calendar for computers, androids, iPhones and iPads.


5/14: May Monthly Lockout - Monthly lockout is Thursday, May 14 at 5:00 p.m.

5/20: April PCard Statements - PCards will be placed on hold if not fully approved by 5 p.m.


5/21: May Bi-weekly Lockout

5/22 - May PCard Reconciliation - Last day to post charges to the correct project ID and account code




5/29: Poole Pack Development Series session


6/15: Business Partners Brown Bag Meeting at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom