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CTM’s One-Stop Shop of COVID-19 Information: CTM has created a special landing page to be used as a repository of COVID-19 travel alerts to help you stay informed as updates become available. All new updates will be displayed at the top of the page.

TSA implements new safety measures at U.S. airports

TSA has announced that all employees must wear facial protection while at screening checkpoints. This decision will take effect in the coming days. 

TSA is also encouraging passengers to wear facial protection. For identity purposes, passengers may be asked to lower their facial coverings if they set off any of the security alarms. 

More information can be found on the website

 CTM encourages all clients and their travelers to check the airline and airport websites before heading to the airport.


For additional information please contact your CTM team.

We take every care to ensure information is correct at time of release, but occasions resulting from the advice are the responsibility of the individual and/or your company. CTM will only notify you according to the CTM alert escalation process and providing travel was issued through CTM. CTM does not accept responsibility for the consequences of advice taken or not taken. 

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