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may 2020 edition

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste”

Some difficult and important decisions are being made by our political and business leaders at all levels.

Community building in the context of rapid population growth and economic prosperity is one thing; rebuilding a society and economy through and after a crisis is another.

As Rahm Emanuel (former mayor of Chicago) said,
“You never let a serious crisis go to waste… it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

How bold will our leaders be in their stimulus and recovery decisions?

Will we purposefully address climate change, generational inequality, housing affordability, health behaviours, education and sustainable employment?

How will we use debt to invest in productivity and innovation for the modern economy? What role will immigration play in the future?

These things are largely federal government concerns. But local government are the innovators in community building. And now they will be called on to be the innovators of community rebuilding.

At .id we consider how macro-economic and social reforms play out at the local community level. What role will local government play?

What are the likely economic impacts at the local level? How will a short-term 80% drop in overseas migration impact different suburbs, regions and towns? What is the likely timing and rate of the economic recovery?

.id have been revealing some of these impacts in our recently published blogs on economic forecasts, migration impacts and housing market implications.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for some important releases from .id - our economists are publishing local area economic impacts and our demographers are working on a set of national forecasts to share our view of the likely population impacts of Covid-19.

These outputs will reveal the opportunities we have to do things perhaps a bit differently in future.

One of our local government clients sent us this message: “An amazing time I am sure to be in demographics and economic modelling. Certainly, an interesting time to be in local government.”

True. Let’s not let this crisis go to waste.

Author Ivan

webinar recap

the regional economic impacts of Covid-19

Economic development


Our economics team have been working with NIEIR to model the impacts of COVID-19 on local and regional economies across Australia.

In this blog, Rob Hall recaps the webinar he presented a few weeks ago where he shared the early results of that work, and the framework you can use to understand how the economic effects of the pandemic may affect your region.


a demographer's perspective

how many deaths are there in australia each year?



There’s more than enough news around at the moment to get you down, however, as demographers, we look to understand deaths and the death rate as an important part of the demographic story of any place.

Glenn looks at what is ‘normal’ for the death rate in Australia, as we all try to understand the magnitude of COVID-19’s impact. 


local housing

what is happening in australia's property market?

housing affordability crisis


Georgia looks at some of the early data available about the impact of Covid-19 on the Australian housing market, and the measures being considered to support vulnerable members of our community.


the covid-19 response

how to create an economic baseline for your response plan

Economic development picB_edited


As many councils work to support their local communities, businesses and industries during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ryan James reminds us of some basic methods to assess the status of your local economy.


the census

can you run a census in a pandemic?



The 2021 Census in Australia could be our most important ever, as it can show the effect of all the changes taking place in Australia right now, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Glenn looks to the US, who are running a Census in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and addresses a common question about how long Census data remains a useful basis for decision making.


special releases from the abs

the workforce impacts of covid-19



The ABS have been working overtime to produce statistical collections above and beyond their regular programs, in order to help us understand the impacts of Covid-19.

Glenn gives us an overview of one important collection that’s been in the news this month – the Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages, which gives us a look at how the virus has impacted different sectors in our economy. 


trusting the numbers

using regular statistical releases in a covid-19 world

The ABS have new statistical releases during covid-19


Many people are wondering which data can still be used with confidence, and which we should take with a grain of salt.

Glenn provides some guidance around two significant releases we’ve seen recently – Overseas arrivals and departures, and Labour force statistics – both of which have been significantly impacted.



migration within australia - strongest out of sydney

States populations pic


In his third blog dissecting the recently-released population data for regions, Glenn looks at the movement between states, and particularly to and from Sydney, to see who are the winners and losers in the internal migration game.


ask us a question

we'll answer it for everyone



If you have a question about local area demographics, economics, housing or population forecasting, send us your question here.

Our experts in these fields share the answers to these questions with our blog and newsletter followers, so your question will help others like you make an informed decision!

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