Ed Elements: June 2015 Newsletter

June 2015 Newsletter


On Our Minds:

Re-live the PL Summit (or see what you missed!)

On May 7th and 8th we brought together over 200 leaders from across the country to learn from each other. The Tech Museum in San Jose was buzzing for two days - and not just from the energy of amazing field trips.  The space was a perfect place to hold a Summit focused on innovation, iteration, and how to educate students for jobs and a future we cannot yet imagine.  We talked about how to make it “safe to try” and “ok to fail.”  We considered how to bring the collaboration we expect in our workplaces into our classrooms.  We shared ideas about how to use design thinking, how to develop a mindset for personalized learning, how to pick digital content, share our success stories and more.  You can learn more about the Summit here, including takeaways from our amazing keynotes, pictures from school and company tours, and lessons learned from interactive workshops.  Want to dive deeper?  We thought so.  Check out all the presentations and resources shared in each section here!

More Districts Are Getting Personal 

Syracuse: We Are Going Orange! 

Our work with the Syracuse City School District is clipping along after we recently began meeting with district and school leaders to shape the district’s early vision for personalized learning. We’re visiting school sites, meeting with curriculum teams, and engaging with IT to get everyone’s perspective on moving to a more student-centered school experience.

Warren: Continuing to Race to The Top

We kicked off a new partnership with Metropolitan School District of Warren Township in May. This Indianapolis-based Race To The Top winner already has 1:1 devices in the hands of all of their 11,500 students and now wants to focus on transforming teaching and learning across its 16 schools. We conducted readiness assessments at all schools sites and are currently working with the district and school leadership teams to determine a school and teacher rollout strategy for personalized learning.

Racine: Loving the Midwest

We also were lucky enough to kick off another midwestern partnership in May -- Racine Unified School District! District leaders at this Wisconsin district serving 21,000 students will explore the potential of personalized learning in their district. We conducted readiness assessments at five middle schools and will work with the district and school leadership teams to determine a personalized learning strategy.

Product Spotlight:

This fall, Highlight will offer powerful reporting views to help teachers and school leaders make sense of student performance on digital content across multiple providers.  The new collection of reports will help users to:

  • monitor fidelity of implementation--see the students and classrooms meeting usage goals
  • identify usage and activity completion trends across multiple providers
  • discover connections between usage and digital content lesson performance

With simple to use filters, users can focus their analysis on specific dates, classrooms and teachers.  These views provide the data to guide weekly and monthly reflection to identify student needs and areas of inquiry.  To learn more, reach out to justin@edelements.com.


View of the Highlight dashboard - the EdElements PLP

View of the Highlight dashboard - the EdElements PLPView of the Highlight dashboard - the EdElements PLP


Partner Spotlight                       

Fishtree - Bringing Personalized Instruction to Every Classroom

Fishtree is the 21st century learning platform that solves the problem of scaling one-to-one instruction. With Fishtree, educators can select from a dynamic library of multimodal resources, align lessons to any competencies or standards such as the Common Core, and adapt to each learner’s needs with a single click. Fishtree personalizes the learning experience for every learner, clearly identifying student challenges for instructors, with real-time support options available for individual students.

Students are guaranteed an engaging learning experience with the ability to build from any source or mode of content, including textbooks, Open Educational Resources (OER), and real-time media. The platform continues to adapt to every learner, ensuring mastery of skills as all content is automatically aligned to level, ability, and pace.

We work with leading education technology providers to make every learning environment adaptive, and every learning experience personal. In addition to being the first learning environment to adapt learning pathways to individual student needs, Fishtree has been integrated into some of the world’s leading LMSs and deployed in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, among others. It was an SIIA Next Gen winner in 2014, and a finalist in the 2015 SIIA Codie Awards as ‘Best Personalized Learning Solution’ for both PK-12 and postsecondary education.

Fishtree provides solutions for:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Flipped, blended and mobile learning
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Instant support and remediation
  • Social media-based collaboration
  • Multimodal, standard-aligned resources from one place
  • Assessment
  • Lesson building and delivery
  • Learning management
  • Curriculum management
  • Competency-based progression

Fishtree is included for all Highlight users in upper grades, and available for Highlight users in lower grades.  Please contact fishtree@edelements.com for details. 

Website: www.fishtree.com .


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  • ISTE, Philadelphia, PA - June 28th-July 1st.  Join Amy Jenkins and Mike Wolking  along with Middletown superstars Amy Creeden and Dana Guardarramas for a panel about supporting blended learning teachers.

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