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Getting a job in an age of coronavirus

What should you be doing to build and maintain your chances of success?

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Managing Contracts under Covid-19 Report

Contract-related challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic

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IACCM Virtual Member Meetings

An interactive opportunity to connect and discuss the hot topics of the day

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Recent Articles

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Contract Negotiation: Wrong approaches leak value but solid relationships deliver it by Carmen Elena Sandoval

Today, globalization and technology demand that organizations build their business strategies to respond effectively to the volatility of business environments worldwide. It’s a big challenge!  In response to it, we contract practitioners are now searching for sustainable relationships and partnerships that permit us to leverage competitive advantages for all parties without losing profit value.

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El Contract Manager en tiempos del COVID-19

Spanish Article: El Contract Manager en tiempos del COVID-19 by Pablo Cilotta

No cabe duda que las noticias de estas últimas semanas quedarán grabadas en los libros de historia de todos los países del mundo.Son tiempos complicados los que estamos viviendo, pero como en cualquier situación de desastre, tenemos que adaptarnos porque el golpe viene duro.La economía global siempre tiene bajas. Podemos decir que llegan cada 10 años en promedio.

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Impact of COVID-19 – what you need to know about ‘force majeure’ by Mohit Khullar

We all know the outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been a worldwide disaster that started in late 2019 in Wuhan, China.  It took a horrifying turn by March 2020 when the World Health Organisation (WHO)1 declared COVID-19 as a worldwide ‘pandemic’.

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Leader (small)

Leadership in the time of Covid-19 by Paula Doyle

We are certainly now in unchartered waters. Worldwide people are getting sick and a lot of people will succumb. Although the first case of Covid-19 reared its head in China in November last year, who among us even six weeks ago could have envisaged where we would be now?

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top view of businessman hand working with modern technology and digital layer effect as business strategy concept

Do we need digital contract management? by Julien Nadaud

Research shows that without digital technologies, our ability to handle contracting processes has been diminishing in recent years.  Today, many CM experts see contracts as the primary cause of disputes, but the growing complexity of the contracting process creates a larger problem with information management in general.  So, how can digital technology help us untangle this dilemma?

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Ask the Expert: Succeeding in a Virtual Work Environment

This webinar will take place on 7 May 2020.

Support is the key to success in a COVID-19 world. Overnight, you've become a virtual contract and commercial manager. And you need to be able to work effectively in this new environment. We are here to support you.

This webinar will address: 

  • The realities of virtual/remote work
  • Tactical strategies to effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Finding rhythm in the chaos of this COVID-19-infused work environment

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IACCM Virtual Member Meeting - India

Join us at the next VIRTUAL IACCM Member Meeting for our members in India on 18 May 2020.

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Modern notebook computer with future technology media symbols

Thought Leadership: Automation - An Objective View

This webinar is scheduled for 18 May 2020 and responds to the many requests IACCM receives for objective insight to contract management and related technology. 

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Managing Contracts Virtually


Location Matters. Technology Matters. Connection Matters.

We have created a new training program to help our members through this current crisis – and we are offering it to our members  completely FREE of charge for the next two months! Not a member? Sign up today

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IACCM Research

2019 Benchmark Oil & Gas Industry

This report is based on data collected in 2019 from 50 corporations in the oil and gas sector. It is a sub-set of data drawn from the 2019 IACCM Benchmark report, which is a cross-industry report published every three years.

Business Impact of Coronavirus

This report is based on data collected in the period April 7th-14th from 440 corporations. It is the third in a series of 'spot survey reports' examining the evolving impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world's trading relationships.

Managing Contracts under Covid-19: What have we learnt?

This report is based on our survey undertaken in the period April 1st-6th, 2020. It gathered responses from 507 organizations across multiple industries and geographies, ranging in size from annual revenues of $100 million to more than $40 billion. We have explored some of the contract-related challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, we have examined the extent to which key areas have proved difficult and whether those with automated systems have benefitted significantly from them.COVID-19 has been an extreme event, placing massive demands on any system or process. It would therefore be easy to dismiss any failings that it has revealed on the basis that it may be many years before a similar need arises. Clearly, this would be a mistake since many of the issues identified in the report are fundamental to organizational performance and risk management.

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Recent IACCM Webinars


Ask the Expert: Getting a job in an age of coronavirus

The pandemic has changed many things - and finding a job is one of them. With face-to-face meetings almost non-existent, the recruitment process will need to adapt to a world of virtual meetings and networks.

With a probability of increased competition for jobs, what should you be doing to build and maintain your chances of success? In this webinar, Richard Sterling discussed ways that future selection is likely to work and the steps that commercial professionals should be taking to develop the connections and credentials that make them stand out.

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Salesman shaking hands with client with contract on the coffee table

Ask the Expert: Relational Contracting, Deal Making, and Ethics in a Crisis

This webinar discussed how organizations can adopt a more positive, empathetic approach to their contracts and business relationships - and why this will be in many cases worthwhile. It suggests that this is a time when we should change the focus of negotiations and renegotiations to better reflect current realities and to create increased integration between the formal contract and, until now, the rather informal 'relationship'.

Any crisis is inevitably a time of uncertainty and, for many, a time of fear. One choice is for people to retreat, to seek to limit losses by either avoiding risks or asserting their rights. But there is an alternative to this rather inward-looking view – an alternative that is more outward-looking and perhaps more ethical in its approach. This latter approach requires us to recognize that today's crisis is universal in nature, affecting us all. It offers the opportunity to build bridges, rather than adopting a defensive mode of 'pulling the drawbridge up'. 

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