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April 2020

NCCN v1.2020 prostate cancer guidelines say tumor-based molecular testing is appropriate for intermediate- and high-risk disease 

Updated prostate cancer guidelines double the number of risk categories considered appropriate for molecular-based testing.1

If a patient is expected to live at least 10 years, new guidelines state that Prolaris® and Decipher® may be considered for men with unfavorable intermediate- and high-risk disease,

as well as low- and favorable-intermediate risk.

NCCN also states

Traditional clinical and pathological features, such as PSA and Gleason score, do not provide full prognostic assessments for clinically localized prostate cancer. When physicians incorporate tumor-based molecular assays into their decision making, patients’ risks are more correctly determined and appropriate treatment pathways – such as active surveillance or multi-modality therapy – may be safely recommended.

These expanded NCCN prostate cancer guidelines echo recent evidence-based recommendations for localized prostate cancer issued by ASCO.2

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1National Comprehensive Cancer Network® NCCN Clinical Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) Prostate Cancer Version 1.2020. Available at <accessed March 16, 2020>.

2Eggener SE, et al. Molecular biomarkers in localized prostate cancer: ASCO guideline. J Clin Oncol 37, 2019.

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