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Mobile Signal



Domino's Pizza (DPZ) is expected to report earnings on 4/22. Net new installs of Domino's mobile apps are down 5.7% YoY but mobile app sessions are up 3.4% YoY. New user growth has taken a hit due to the virus but the company was still able to grow engagement.

App Acquisitions







Verizon bought BlueJeans for $400 million. The company competes directly with Zoom. While no one is experiencing the growth Zoom is right now, BlueJeans did increase new installs of its mobile app 55% YoY in Q1.



One more time

IGTV is Instagram’s version of YouTube. Initially this was accessible via the Instagram app but the button was removed in January of this year and the app was on its way out. People and brands, like Kim Kardashian and Glossier, recently started posting to IGTV who haven't posted in months. Following renewed engagement, IGTV released an update enabling users to post their IGTV content in their Instagram stories. Also, it added a discover tab. Before the app only displayed videos from people who users already follow.





Quarantine Confusion

This app claims to be exactly what it says it is, a pulse oximeter - a tool to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. You may have heard that some patients with Coronavirus need to use this to understand if they are getting enough oxygen. Medical professionals are telling the public that most people do not need this product. The problem for those who do is the product is sold out in most places... but mobile apps don't sell out. Over the past 30 days, 50,000 people have paid $4.99 to download this app. However, the app itself says not to use for medical purposes.


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Apptopia joined forces with Moengage to examine the business impact of COVID-19 across numerous industries and geographical regions.


Podcast: Let's make a deal

Listen on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud. We’re discussing the latest news in mobile: Amazon Prime Video and Apple strike an in-app purchase deal, Facebook’s latest experimental apps, IGTV and fishing apps are on the rise! We also explain why Rick and Morty is the most powerful piece of content for Adult Swim's mobile app. Here’s the rundown:

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Quibi surpasses 1 million installs

Quibi, the new mobile only streaming video on demand app, has only made a little more than $3,000 through in-app purchase revenue but it is making money from advertisements and most people are smartly taking advantage of its generous 90 day free trial.



Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in tech and mobile followed up with a little earnings preview for Netflix and Peloton. This episode has its first ever guest in Chris Radtke of Braze. He discusses their latest guide on reaching your customers in the moments that matter. After that the crew reviews the latest Apptopia insight on Facebook Games and more, followed by our own game of In or Out. Here's the rundown:

[2:08] Mobile News Review
[10:43] I know what you did last quarter
[15:38] Discussion w/Chris Radtke of Braze
[41:27] This week on Apptopia
[46:51] In or Out



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