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APRIL 2020

Hi You,

Happy (almost) Earth Day! This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Started in 1970 in the swell of activism related to social justice, anti-war, and environmental protection, Earth Day has grown into an international event focusing on the very real problems humans have created on our planet. 

This year for Earth Day we are focusing on actions our community can take to halt our local carbon emissions. At the Getting to Zero: From Radical to Rational event the Climate Action Collaborative hosted in January, speaker Professor Rob Davies, from Utah State University, presented a message of urgency in how we must, as a global society, rapidly transition away from a carbon-intensive economy into an economy that not only releases no carbon dioxide, it begins to remove carbon dioxide (aka ‘Drawdown’ carbon emissions) from the atmosphere.

Spurred on by Dr. Davies' presentation, the Collaborative worked with researchers at Western Colorado University to model 20 different strategies local governments, businesses, and individuals can take to drawdown Eagle County’s carbon dioxide emissions.

And the results are in! Check out the top two strategies in more detail below.
View and download the modeling results in full, here under “Eagle County Greenhouse Gas Inventory”.

Intro image 2Intro image 1


Modeled: 2% EV adoption from 2021 until 2030. 5% EV adoption from 2030 until 2050

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Eagle County ColoradoThe results of this scenario will yield a 549,203 metric ton of CO2 equivalent (MTCO2e) reduction in our transportation emissions by 2050. In 2050, our greenhouse gas (GHG) forecast for transportation emissions is expected to be over 770,000 MTCO2e from its current level at 464,000 MTCO2e.

This strategy has the potential to reduce 70% of our 2050 transportation emissions. This transportation strategy showed the greatest potential impact to our transportation section emissions. To review the results of each of our transportation sector models, download the results at Walkingmountains.org/stay-updated.

Modeled: Annual 5% conversion of existing residential & commercial buildings that use natural gas to all-electric heating & cooking equipment

sustainable-building-considering-more-than-the-bottom-lineThe results of this modeling scenario show that beneficial electrification of buildings will yield a complete elimination of our building emissions by 2050, the total of which in 2050 will be around 473,639 MTCO2e. To review the results of each of our building sector models, download the results at Walkingmountains.org/stay-updated.



EV Sales Event 2020
Next time you're looking for a new car, consider an EV through during our annual sales event!

EV Sales event IG meme-1Every year, Eagle, Pitkin, and Garfield Counties host an EV Sales Event, a 3-month sales event for electric-vehicles. During the sales event discounted electric-vehicles are available for purchase through dealerships in Glenwood Springs. New EV buyers can also take advantage of federal and state tax incentives during this event!

Learn more about the EV Sales Event and the discounts available at EV Sales Event 2020!

Walking Mountains Center for Sustainability
Is All-Electric & nearing Net-Zero

BPC-BuildingThis facility is an all-electric commercial building that utilizes a cold-climate air source heat pump, load-shedding devices, an insulated thermal envelope, and solar PV to achieve very low energy use.

After a full year of operation, Walking Mountains Center for Sustainability has been able to significantly reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the grid. The Center for Sustainability uses an efficient cold climate air source heat-pump (CC ASHP) which is more efficient than a standard electric heating system. Learn more about air source heat pumps here!

Here’s the energy use and generation report since the building opened last April:

Energy Used (1 year) 45.6 MWh (approx. $5,900 used)
Energy Generated (1 year) 31.5 MWh (approx. $4,000 saved)
Net Energy Used (1 year) 14.1 MWh bought (approx. $1,800 spent)



LED Swap Generic 18x24 Lawn Sign (1)LED Swaps 2020 Impact

The CAC hosts regular LED Swaps for Eagle County residents. Swapping out two old light bulbs for two LED bulbs can save 260 lbs of air pollution each year!

Our next LED Swap will be the month of May at all Eagle County Alpine Bank locations.

2020 LED Swap Summary
Total Bulbs Swapped 794
Total lbs of CO2 Saved in 2020 41,316.09
Total $$ Saved in 2020 $3,751.27


Walking Mountains Sustainability New Rebates!
Walking Mountains Energy Programs is offering new mini-grants in 2020!
Two mini-grants are available in 2020:

  • Income Qualified households for the installation of solar PV
  • Beneficial electrification (switching to an all-electric heating system) available to all Eagle County residents

Connect With An Energy Coach


2020-04-20Win an E-Bike - Take the Eagle County Commuter Survey!

The Climate Action Collaborative has launched a commuter study for Eagle County residents. While we know we aren’t currently going anywhere (thanks to COVID-19), we want to understand how our local workforce (normally) commutes around the county so we can help improve transportation options and make transportation better and easier for everyone!

The survey will take about 10 minutes and at the end, you will be entered to win one of three Fatt-E e-bikes!


Wast-Disposal-Coronavirus-COVID-19Diverting Waste in a COVID-19 World

It’s more important than ever to make sure you are recycling right during COVID-19 Here are some reasons why:

1. Protect waste haulers and processors! Many recyclables are sorted by hand and haulers may reject contaminated bins to keep their workers safe. 

2. Disinfecting wipes need to be put in the trash, as well as any paper towels or tissues that may have come in contact with any viruses. Check the Waste Wizard if you're unsure!

3. No evidence that the virus can be spread through food so keep composting your food scraps!

Learn more about how you can continue to divert waste in a COVID-19 world here.
Help keep the trash clean and the recycling cleaner to help keep our trash haulers safe!


PuRE(ly) Renewable

This year our community made moves to 100% renewable electricity

Through Holy Cross Energy our community has committed dollars and cents to go green through renewable electricity. Participation in the PuRE program has increased by 300% in 2019.

Have you gone 100% renewable electricity? Check out how much it will cost you!

Go 100% Renewable Today!



Climate Reality Project
Join the millions using their voices and everyday choices to tackle the climate crisis. Attend workshops. Learn how to use your activist voice. Join the local Eagle County Chapter on Facebook and see how you can get involved in the Eagle County Climate Reality Project Initiatives.

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