The New Normal: What can we learn from Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology Webinar with Dr Nasser Siabi on Wednesday 15th April/ 12:30 – 13:30 BST

How to cope with home working during lock down? Microlink has many years experience of helping disabled people working from home and will share our learned experience to help people get through this difficult period using AT and coping strategies.


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Microlink Homeworker Kit 

For those of you working from home we’ve developed the ultimate Home Worker Kit for optimum comfort. We’ve put together 6 essential pieces that will improve the ‘working at home’ experience for everyone. 

We can provide organisations with a volume of kits, shipped directly to the end users home. Couriers will observe social distancing and government guidelines when making deliveries. Our webshop has the capacity for large volume orders and the capability to ship to multiple home addresses to make life easier for purchasing departments. 

or for any further inquiries contact: / Tel: 023 80240300 


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Transform the Way You Read!

OrCam Read, for people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties including dyslexia, and for anyone who consumes large amounts of text, is a first-ever lightweight, handheld device with a smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. It enables you to enjoy the morning paper, read any book, and even read all that appears on your computer or smartphone screen. Privately read the text that you choose, improve your time studying, work more efficiently!



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