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Mobile Signal



PayPal (PYPL) is expected to report earnings on 4/21. Net new installs of PayPal + Venmo are up 25% YoY while sessions are up 14% YoY. Traditionally, installs have correlated strongly with PYPL's reported Active Accounts while sessions have correlated strongly with PYPL's reported Total Payment Transactions.

App Acquisitions







Not an acquisition, but Sony has taken a minority stake in Bilibili for $400M. Bilibili is a multi-use Chinese video streaming app, hosting user-generated videos as well as a collection of Anime titles and more. The app has grown Q1 IAP Revenue and MAU 108% and 28% YoY, respectively.




Outdoors but distanced

Fishing; a relaxing activity that can be done alone. Apps that aid in the process have lured people in to the app stores to bite on a download. The largest of these apps is Fishbrain, which accounts for about 50% of the DAUs you see below. The app shows anglers where they can find certain fish, which lures to use to get them and more. The app also doubles as a niche social media network where people show off their catches and strategies.





Unemployment continues to grow in the U.S.

As people file for unemployment, government aid such as food stamps come in handy. Fresh EBT is used to check your food stamp balance, track your EBT spending, get deposit date reminders, and find ways to save money. At the same time, we see a decline in Dave. Dave offers several financial services but is most known for its paycheck advance service. Users give the app access to their bank account and borrow against their paycheck if they need money to pay bills before it comes in. As more people file for unemployment, Dave has less users that can take advantage of its services.


Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with Tango Live.

Simply go live, get fans, and earn cash!

Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with Tango Live.

Simply go live, get fans, and earn cash!




Posts & updates


A current look at retailers, and how alternative data helps investors navigate changing markets

Investors are once again pressed to try and beat the market, or at least mitigate losses. Jeremy Baksht, SVP of Ascential's Alternative Data Division looks into the shifting markets to determine what tools investors will need going forward, including a current look at the retail landscape.


2020: The Year of Streaming

Apptopia & Braze team up to examine how the arrival of Disney+ and COVID-19’s emergence have impacted the industry. Together, we analyzed and identified key trends and metrics for success to help brands strategize for long-term growth.



Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in tech and mobile followed up with a little earnings preview for Netflix and Peloton. This episode has its first ever guest in Chris Radtke of Braze. He discusses their latest guide on reaching your customers in the moments that matter. After that the crew reviews the latest Apptopia insight on Facebook Games and more, followed by our own game of In or Out. Here's the rundown:

[2:08] Mobile News Review
[10:43] I know what you did last quarter
[15:38] Discussion w/Chris Radtke of Braze
[41:27] This week on Apptopia
[46:51] In or Out




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