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A look at the ways in which Education Elements’ partner districts have been creatively supporting their stakeholders during these uncertain times.

  • The Waterloo Central School District (WCSD) and their Skoi Yase Primary staff focused on keeping their youngest learners as connected as possible with their school team. In supporting their students' transition to this new virtual learning environment, leaders organized a caravan of their entire campus team to drive by every primary student's house for a quick greeting. Their principals are continuing their morning meetings via Twitter.
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  • The Syracuse City School District (SCSD) is using their student meal pick-up sites to distribute food and work packets to students. Food security has been a central equity topic for districts. SCSD has set-up 34 meal pick-up sites at school and community locations across the city. Students can pick up not only their meals but they can get work packets at those sites as well.
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  • The Newburgh Enlarged City School District (NECSD) launched a remote learning hub this week for both staff and community. Staff, leaders, and principals can find resources on distance learning and technology support. Students and families can access choice boards for continuing learning during long-term school closures. The district team is working to keep the staff updated on a regular basis.

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The First 20 Days of Virtual Learning

The First 20 Days of Virtual Learning


Best Practices for Digital Learning & Virtual Meetings

Best Practices for Digital Learning and Virtual Meetings


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Twitter posts that caught our eye

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Student organizes donations of 3D printed PPE to hospitals and healthcare workers
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