April 12 Newsletter 

Hi, Family Leader,

This month we're diving deep into changing your mindset around your role as a family leader.

Last week we shared a basic framework of what a family leadership mindset is:

  1. Purpose - You know that your purpose as a parent is more than managing the family to-do list and you want to explore that role further.
  2. Empower - You're dedicated to helping your children learn to do things for themselves even when it's inconvenient (or you're prepared to do so when your baby is older).
  3. Values + Goals - While there is rarely “one right way” to approach a situation, you understand that knowing what you believe (values) and where you are headed (goals) create the best framework for making decisions for your family.
  4. Team - You consider your family a team, one unit that works together for the betterment of each as well as the whole (or you're willing to work toward that goal).
  5. Surroundings - You understand that a child's environment, their experiences, and your engagement with them are all connected in becoming a successful adult and you're invested in learning more about it.
  6. Happiness Formula - You believe happiness is the result of effort, achievement, and overcoming failure, not having luxury handed to you, and you're looking for support to teach your children the same.

This week, we're going to talk about some the struggles many families encounter when trying to pivot toward a more intentional and engaged approach to parenting:

  1. Understanding how "leadership" is different than "normal" parenting
  2. Addressing the difficulty in changing old habits (and what to do when they emerge)
  3. Real-life examples of leadership in action at different ages

Click here to see our video breakdown of the 3 common areas of struggle in changing your parenting mindset.

We'd love to hear your feedback. Just reply to this email!


Wishing you and your family another week of peace and joy in this holiday season,

The Birth2Work Family

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