These challenging times have made this year’s Q1 a true rollercoaster ride with the world adapting to a whole new way of life. It hasn’t been easy, but even in the midst of these difficult times, one thing hasn’t changed and that’s Niagara’s commitment to continue delivering the most advanced network visibility solutions to organizations around the world.

We’re glad as always to present you with our latest updates and milestones, and Q1 2020 had plenty of them that we’ve summed up for you in our quarterly newsletter.

Enjoy and keep safe!

fortinet and niagara

Niagara and Fortinet Join Forces

Enterprise networks are exceedingly multifaceted and business-critical and require the elimination of the risks of both security attacks and outages as critical imperatives. Niagara Networks complements Fortinet’s FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall by enabling inline and full threat prevention without compromising network reliability and business continuity services.

Niagara's Network Packet Broker with double-protection carrier-grade bypass technology enables uninterrupted network uptime during power loss, security appliance updates, and maximum scale of the cyber security services by implementing policy-based redundancy and load-balancing schemes.

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April 2020 – 2@1x

Agility is the Name of the Game

The complexity of today’s cybersecurity and networks demand the ability to adapt instantly. NetOps and SecOps require a shared hyper-converged platform that can host virtual applications and streamline joint operations across critical points of the network edge.

The Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform™ (OVP) solution is a multi-purpose platform that serves as an unconstrained deployment hub for agility to intelligently deliver network traffic to unlimited security and networking solutions.

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April 2020 – 3@1x

Get to know Network Terminal Access Points

If you want to mitigate data breaches, you need to guarantee that your organization's network has the right visibility solutions in place. One of the most effective solutions is the Terminal Access Point, also known as the Network TAP.

We've compiled a comprehensive guide containing all the information you need to know about Network TAP from their inner-workings to their advantages to ensure that you never miss a malicious packet or fail to identify network performance issues.

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April 2020 – 4@1x

Connecting the Dots of Visibility in Cyberwarfare

Today's cyber attackers are methodical and inventive, and as more digital assets continue to expand the attack surface, their plans continue to become more aggressive and malicious. Defending against these attacks using the outdated paradigm of focusing on North-South traffic is no longer valid. 

Once inside the network, an attacker will move horizontally using East-West tactics, and at this point a combination and synchronization of visibility and security tools is crucial.

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April 2020 – 5@1x

Niagara Networks’ Technology Partner Program

We have announced the creation of our Open Visibility Platform™ Technology Partners Program that extends the value of our platform with co-marketing and support for complete technical utilization and sets a new standard by helping organizations deliver better results in an elastic framework.

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April 2020 – 7@1x
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Niagara Networks Packet Broker & Packet Recording

G2M Research Endpoint Security March 2020 Newsletter

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Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks

Rethinking Network Performance and Internal Security

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