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Barrett Ersek
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
When gazing at the manicured, green turf at PNC Park (Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates), it not hard to imagine why Manny Lopez, Director of Field Operations, is excited by the results he’s achieving with Holganix. "We got hooked on Holganix" says Lopez. Watch the video above to learn more about his experience with Holganix.
What's the difference between synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers and soil amendments?

There’s a lot of new terminology in the turf industry and definitions can be sketchy and downright confusing.So, what’s the difference between synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers and soil amendments? And where do bionutritional products like Holganix fit?

At the end of the day, the key difference lies in the way the tool affects the plant. Synthetic fertilizers affect plant growth directly while soil amendments affect the plant indirectly (think soil structure and water infiltration). However, organic fertilizers can either directly affect plant growth or can be classified as a soil amendment and therefore affect the plant indirectly.

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Meet your User Experience Coordinator: Chris Bittles

Meet Chris Bittles, your User Experience Coordinator. One of Chris' first jobs was working as a caddie on Aronomink Golf Club as a kid and he hasn't quite left the course since.

Chris will be reaching out periodically to check in on your progress with Holganix and make sure you are seeing the results you desire. If you have any questions about your Holganix program or just want to talk turf, feel free to reach out. 


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